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3DTouch™ Overview

The 3DTouch™ is the perfect entry level, professional grade desktop 3D printer.

Who is the 3DTouch™ for?

The 3DTouch™ is for engineers, concept artists, hobbyists, and anyone that needs to turn 3D models into real, tangible parts whenever they want. Used in a wide range of industries, the 3DTouch™ produces strong parts with quality surface finishes that require a minimum of post-finishing.

What can 3DTouch™ do?

The 3DTouch™ creates hard, durable plastic parts from a variety of materials in a variety of colors. Easily import STL files of your 3D models, use the included software to automatically create the G-Code for the printer, and press Go. Use the parts as prototypes, visual aids, or production use.

  • Mechanical components
  • Design studies
  • Architectural models
  • Artistic models