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Alibre Solution Partners

The Alibre Design platform is home to many different 3rd party applications that drive significant capability and value for your business. Our partners create tightly integrated solutions that extend your Alibre Design development environment into many different areas including FEA, CAM, and more. Browse our continually expanding group of solution providers below.

Category: CAM Software

The Alibre CAM family of machining products is built on VisualMILL technology that is in production at thousands of locations worldwide. From simple 2-1/2 axis to full 5-axis indexed milling, Alibre CAM will help you make parts, fast. The Alibre CAM family of products offers several options to fit your machining needs.
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Category: CAM Software

SprutCAM is powerful 3D CAM software for tool path design from simple to complex, offering a complete set of programming strategies from 2.5D to 4& 5 Axis simultaneous milling, lathe, MTM, Wire EDM and even robot. With sophisticated feature-based programming strategies and detailed whole-process simulation tools, SprutCAM delivers top level functionality at an incredibly affordable price.
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Category: FEA Software

Our FEMdesigner AD integration with Alibre Design puts all the power and simplicity of FEMdesigner’s FEA Analysis inside the Alibre Design 3D parametric CAD system. FEMdesigner AD is sold through our worldwide channel of resellers, and sets a new standard for power and affordability in an integrated CAD/CAE system.
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Category: FEA Software

NISA is one of the most comprehensive engineering analysis suites available to address the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy & Power, Civil, Electronics and Sporting Goods industries. NISA has been an engineer's favorite for more than 35 years. NISA features a completely integrated pre/post- processing environment within a state-of-the-art GUI, seamless interoperability with leading commercial CAD software, excellent technical support and flexible purchase options.
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Category: IPad Viewer, Import/Export Interoperability, Design Communication

Since Simlab Soft was founded in 2007, its mission was clearly defined to develop state-of-the-art 3D software products that are both fun and easy to use. SimLab does its best to make sure that it provides the right 3D tools. We want to make sure you enjoy utilizing our tools, that they help you succeed, accomplish great results fast, and within budget.
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Category: Prototype Service

Print3D provides CAD users an advanced and intuitive set of tools that integrate directly into their modeling environment. Print3D's powerful real time pricing engine makes quoting and ordering parts as easy as printing a document.
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Category: Import/Export Interoperability

SYCODE™ develops cutting-edge software solutions for the Computer Aided Design (CAD) industry. Our solutions are in the form of standalone applications or plug-ins that work inside major CAD systems like Alibre Design.
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Category: PCB Design, IDF Interoperability

Desktop EDA specializes in CAD software for the EDA industry. The Alibre IDF Modeler allows you to create an Alibre assembly from IDF data. IDF is an industry standard that allows the exchange of PCB design data between ECAD and MCAD systems. This provides an error free alternative to using DXF files. The Alibre IDF Modeler allows you to finish projects faster by reducing errors and providing clearer communication between electronics and mechanical designers.
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Category: Part Libraries

The TraceParts library is directly accessible from within the user interface of Alibre Design Professional and Expert, and 3D parts are available in the Alibre Design native format allowing them to be directly inserted into designs without translation. The library can also be accessed directly at, and couples powerful search capabilities, 3D dynamic previews and an easy to use interface that enables users to browse the large parts library to quickly locate and retrieve parts that can be directly inserted into a design.
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