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How To Apply

Send an email that includes the following information to

  • Brief product/company overview

  • A brief description of how you would like to hook into Geomagic Design

  • Target URL (from our site to yours) for prospects who want more information

Or just call us if you would like to discuss more at (877) 525-4273.

Become a Geomagic Solution Partner

The Geomagic Solution Partner program is designed to help developers and complementary hardware vendors reach our burgeoning user base. With 250,000 registered users and growing, Geomagic Design customers offer an incredible opportunity to companies and individuals.

In 2005, we launched a greatly expanded API for Geomagic Design to enable companies and individuals to build solutions ranging from lightweight add-ons to tightly integrated applications using Geomagic Design as a platform.

Program Benefits

The Geomagic Solution Partner program offers numerous benefits to participating companies:

  • Testing for application compatibility between Geomagic Design and the partner's products.

  • Access to the Geomagic sales team and the company's value-added resellers.

  • Joint marketing to Geomagic Design customers through a monthly email newsletter.

  • Participation in trade shows and events.

  • Use of the Geomagic Solution Partner logo to promote affiliation with Geomagic and compatibility with Geomagic Design.

  • Listing on the Geomagic Web site.

If you develop and sell software or hardware solutions related to mechanical engineering, design or manufacturing you are a candidate for the Geomagic Solution Partner program. As an Geomagic Solution Partner, you and your customers benefit from a close technical and marketing relationship with Geomagic, ensuring that your application and Geomagic Design work well together.

When you join the Geomagic Solution Partner program, we will begin to actively promote your company and product as part of a complete solution with Geomagic Design. You will also be eligible to begin using the Geomagic Solution Partner logo to show your partnership with Geomagic. Additionally, you may begin working with Geomagic sales and marketing personnel to promote your brand and generate demand for your products. Please note, however, that Geomagic does not directly sell or endorse specific products.

Who is Eligible?

Any company with a released product that is both complementary and technically compatible with Geomagic Design is eligible to become a Geomagic Solution Partner. At first, compatibility can be defined as simple file exchange and the ability for both applications to be installed and running on the same system with no conflicts. Also note that inclusion of companies in the Solution Partner program is at the sole discretion of Geomagic.