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Alibre News January 2010

Release of Alibre CAM 2.0, Alibre Design 12.1

Alibre CAM 2.0

We're proud to announce Alibre CAM 2.0 is now available! Alibre CAM 2.0 contains substantial functionality and usability enhancements to streamline your workflows. Avoidance Regions, tabs and bridges, face selections as regions, new toolpaths, and much more. Use the links below to learn about new features and how to upgrade.

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3D Design Makes Linn Audio Speakers Solid as a Rock

Linn Audio Speakers

The lights dim, the screen flickers, and the THX logo appears on the screen and you hear that wonderful rich sound from your home theater speakers. If your set of speakers is built by Linn Audio of New Hampshire then you are in for a real treat. These speakers are giant 7 feet tall and have the most crystal clear sound you have ever heard. How does Linn Audio of New Hampshire create such amazing audio components? It begins with a passion for the clean sound of high fidelity coupled with 45 years of expertise building and engineering customs sound systems.

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Tech Tip: 4th Axis Machining in Alibre CAM 2.0

4th Axis Machining in Alibre CAM 2.0

This tech tip covers a simple example of the new capabilities of Alibre Design 12.1 and Alibre CAM 2.0. While the enhancements in Alibre CAM 2.0 affect every aspect of the application, some of the most dramatic advancements are for 4th axis machining. The machining simulations from Alibre CAM 2.0 shown below, are for toolpaths that were nearly impossible to create in previous versions.

New machining capabilities in Alibre CAM 2.0

[ Top ] Low-cost fabbed 3-axis mill

And now a little extra content from our friends at

Make your own 3-axis mill

Meet Jonathan Ward, who's working in the Machines That Make (MTM) group on an open source, low-cost CNC mill made from 26 parts on a ShopBot, called the MTM A-Z. You can download the necessary files (including bill of materials) to make your own! Check out the video above for an overview of the machine. The MTM group has this awesome idea of a fablab 2.0, where all of the big machines will have been made by other machines, reducing commercial overhead and increasing overall awesomeness.


Build your own mill

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