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Reproject views in a 2D Drawing

Often during the design process it is likely that you will need to make changes to your parts or assemblies after you have started creating 2D drawings. When this situation occurs, the 2D Drawing will become outdated because it does not contain the most recent model information. Regardless if the 2D Drawing was initially opened or closed during the time of the edits, you can quickly and easily update the drawing to reflect the newly changed files.

Edit model/or assembly from within the 2D drawing

There are a couple of different ways to open a file that you wish to edit. The most obvious ways of editing a file is by double clicking on it in Windows or opening it from the Home Window; but the file can also be opened up directly from within the 2D Drawing.

To open a part from within the 2D Drawing, in the workspace or in the Drawing Explorer, right click on the desired part and select Edit 3D Model. If you want to edit an entire assembly/subassembly, in the Drawing Explorer right click on it and select Edit 3D Model. Using either above method to open the file will give you the same results and it will open in its own workspace. Once the file is opened, the needed changes can be made and then saved and closed.

Reproject options

If the 2D Drawing was initially closed when the file was edited and saved then the next time the 2D Drawing is opened the Reproject Views dialog box will be shown. If the 2D Drawing was already open when the file was edited and saved, the views can be updated by going to the Drawing Management tab and in the Drawing Tools group clicking on the Reproject Views icon. All of the views can be either be set to Fast Views, Precise Views, or the Retain View Mode option can be selected if there is a combination of Fast and Precise views.

Outdated views

If you choose to not update all of the views then the obsolete views will be shown with a red background indicating that they are outdated. When opening an outdated 2D Drawing, Fast Views will not be displayed until the view is reprojected. In the situation below, all of the outdated Precise views have a red background and the outdated Top view is not displayed since it is a Fast view. After the reprojection, all of the Precise and Fast views will be updated and displayed, the red background will disappear and everything should be displayed as expected.