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Alibre Design Newsletter - January 2013

It is with great anticipation that we're beginning the final phases of the Alibre Design 2013 development cycle. With the conclusion of our beta program we have a solid trajectory for our release schedule, and we're very happy with what we've accomplished.

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Explore the many possibilities that are showcased within the Quickparts SLSĀ® Design Guide and enjoy the shared experience of the designers and engineers who have embraced this truly transformative manufacturing technology.

Download Your Complimentary Design Guide Now.

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The CubeX 3D printer is designed to bring your creations to life with professional grade printability for the office, school or home. CubeX is the ultimate desktop 3D Printer. Call Alibre Sales: 877.525.4273 for infomation, pricing and availability.




Often during the design process it is likely that you will need to make changes to your parts or assemblies after you have started creating 2D drawings. When this situation occurs, the 2D Drawing will become outdated because it does not contain the most recent model information. Regardless if the 2D Drawing was initially opened or closed during the time of the edits, you can quickly and easily update the drawing to reflect the newly changed files.

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Interested in learning all there is to know about KeyShot? These video tutorials will have you started in no time. Quick tips offer small, bite-size chunks of fabulous methods to work with lighting, materials and more.

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Ed Nauman found using a hydraulic press to straighten a piece of material involved guesswork, so he created a gadget that indicates the actual force applied.


Amazing render from Sebastian Finke's Album.