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Alibre Design Newsletter - February 2012

For Nakia Douglas, the principal of the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, the past six months have been a whirlwind of activity as he and his staff have opened the doors of the first all boys school in the history of Dallas Independent School District.

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When working with constituent files (parts, sheet metal parts or subassemblies that are used within higher level assemblies and 2D drawings) you often want to instantly see how the changes affect the top level files. This month we'll show you how...





The USG 12 Rainmaker fully automatic multi-ammo shotgun is the brain child of a former US Army infantryman. A multi-ammo weapon is not a new idea; in fact, some of the most prolific gun makers have tried and failed at the making them, but TAHO Designs had the power of 3D design tool that allows you to parametrically change you design before you ever build a single part.

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Automatic transmissions were a breakthrough more than fifty years ago. Engineering students Ben, Bill, and Matthew created a bike that shifts gears by itself.

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This month we look at the designs of Ralf Schrödter, one of Alibre's most successful Value Added Resellers.

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