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Alibre Design Newsletter - April 2010

In This Issue


Sneak Peak of Alibre Design 2011: Sheetmetal Conversion


A very highly requested feature has been the ability to take a solid from part workspace, or an imported part, and then convert it to sheet metal. As part of Alibre Design 2011, users will have the ability to quickly and associatively turn normal parts into sheet metal. This makes designing sheetmetal parts fast and easy. Click here for a sneak peak at some of the early development we've done (no sound on video).

Sheetmetal conversion in Alibre Design 2011

STOLTZ Spreaders are designed by Free Enterprise


What does Free Enterprise mean to STOLTZ MFG.? To Bernard Hershberger, owner and design engineer, it means improving product lines with new options to give better performance in the field. Free enterprise means good jobs, providing value and satisfaction to customers to make STOLTZ as profitable as possible. See their story here.

STOLTZ Spreaders

Tech Tip: Sneak Peak of New Quick Start Guide


Check out this sneak peak of our completely remastered Quick Start Guide, releasing soon. We've updated the subject material, added new sections, and reorganized lesson content to make it the best kickstart for learning Alibre Design.

See the preview.

New Video Training Series from Alibre

Gadget Freak: Golfers Go Green with Envy


Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News.

Why putt golf balls into a paper cup when you can have your own variable-terrain putting green? This course designed by Mark Giannasi, Aaron Gaylord, Brody Collins, Thomas Boileau and Maiki Vlahinos offers players three cups and three skill levels. The most advanced level raises two platforms that change the terrain of the course - and the challenge that golfers face. But even with only three "cups," you can still shout "Fore!"

Read full Gadget Freak article here.

The makers of the variable terrain putting green
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