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Alibre Design Newsletter - April 2011

In This Issue


Alibre will be at the Boeing Aviation Center for Earth Day, Future of Flight


On April 22 Boeing's Future of Flight exhibit will host the annual Earth Day event. While primarily flight oriented, the Earth Day event typically features prominent new green technologies in other industries. Last year's Earth Day event featured the Tesla Roadster and the Boeing U-787 hydroplane, powered by electricity and biofuel respectively.

This year the event features WIKISPEED, the automotive headliner. WIKISPEED is sponsored by Alibre and is a lean automotive company that has engineered the SGT01—an ultralight four-seat commuter car that according to highway fuel-economy test simulations can achieve up to 114 miles per gallon running on its gasoline engine. The SGT01 is the lightest road-legal car to receive a five-star crash-equivalency rating on front, side, and rear impact and is available for purchase currently at $28,886.

We'll be showing our support at the WIKISPEED booth, so if you are in the Seattle area come stop by and say hello!

Read the event details

Boeing's Future of Flight exhibit

Astronomical Precision


Professional telescope components from Quasar Astrotech find the perfect fit to high-precision optics.

Thomas Heinle, designer at the German design studio Quasar Astrotech, makes components for professional astronomical telescopes with Alibre Design Expert.

Check out the story here.

Professional telescope components from Quasar Astrotech

Tech Tip: Creating a Belt Assembly


This month's tech tip was born from a discussion on the Alibre forum concerning best practices for modeling a belt assembly in 3D sketch mode. Thanks to Alibre user BernardK for this detailed PDF walkthrough of how it's done.

Read the Tech Tip PDF

Creating a Belt Assembly

Gadget Freak: Woodstove Temp Monitor and Alert


Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News.

Paul Westaway wanted to make sure his woodstove didn't exceed the upper limit of temperature and overheat, thus damaging the stove or causing a fire. He wanted a monitor that could send out an alert if the stove got too hot. He was surprised he couldn't find a monitor available commercially. So, like any enterprising Gadget Freak, he decided to make one of his own. Using a handful of inexpensive components, Westaway created his own Woodstove Digital Temperature Monitor.

Read full Gadget Freak article here.

Woodstove Temp Monitor and Alert
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