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Alibre Design Newsletter - April 2012

Peter Martin, aka Man over Metal, is the founder of Dream Cutter and an Alibre Design customer.When asked about his experiece with Alibre, he says:

Alibre was essential in helping me come up with the ultimate embodiment for my machine tool invention. Thanks Alibre, for making professional CAD/CAM affordable to the average man, and helping the average man turn into an accomplished product designer.

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When sketching in Alibre Design there are many different sketch constraints that can be automatically applied saving you the time of manually entering them. The sketch constraint can be enabled or disabled, overridden on a case-by-case basis, or deleted after they have been applied.




This Altoids tin won't freshen your breath, but it may keep drunks off the road. The tin holds a breathalyzer that may help partiers ascertain whether they've had too much to drink.

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This month we'll look at the designs of Sebastian Finke, owner of ECA Product And Mould Design CC, offering the very best in product and mould design.

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