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Alibre Design Newsletter - May 2010

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Alibre Attends Maker Faire in San Mateo, California


Maker Faire brings a whole host of communities together including the arts, crafts, science and engineering. The Faire features "Makers" (hobbyists, do-it-yourselfers, tinkerers, hackers, etc.) from all over the world sharing their creations. Maker Faire has become a significant event in just a couple of years—growing by over 325%, reaching over 60,000 attendees, and expanding to two cities (San Mateo & Austin). Maker Faire has been recognized as the fair of the future and continues to grow, extending to Detroit and New York in 2010.

We invite you to come check us out and see all the crazy gadgets that people are making.

Maker Faire info and tickets

Join your fellow Makers at the Maker Faire

Alibre Employee unveils new version of "Alibre Bible"


Ron Bowes, Quality Manager at Alibre, has run for a while. His new book, Learn 3D CAD: An Introduction to Solid Modeling, is an updated version of the old classic. Featuring a complete update to Alibre Design 12.1, the 427 page guide features step-by-step examples, quizzes, practice problems, and lessons. Ron shares unique insight into the product since he's helped develop, test, and release every version since v6. Invaluable to beginners and long-time users alike, Learning 3D CAD: An Introduction to Solid Modeling is an invaluable desktop resource for anyone that uses Alibre Design.

The book can be ordered from Ron's website,, and is available in PDF format ($17.50) and print form ($35.00). Sample chapters are also available.

Go to

The Tao of Ron Bowes

Gadget Freak: Let an MCU Feed Your Pets


Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News.

Pet owners who want to spend a day hiking, at the beach, shopping at the mall or even a weekend far from home can build an automatic pet feeder to dispense water and dry food at a preset time. Tom Thompson, Julie Redmond, Curtis Siebenaller and Nathan Woodworth at Colorado State University explain how to combine electronic and mechanical devices to do just that. Their design would satisfy even Morris, the world's most finicky cat.

Read full Gadget Freak article here.

Automatic Pet Feeder
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