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Alibre Design Newsletter - May 2012

Nicolai Hansen may only be 20 years old, but he's taking his dreams to the next level by driving his own racecar and designing his way to a better future. Nic is in the middle of his university level of education in Denmark, where he is becoming a Precision Engineer.




Mirror, mirror on the wall, what kind of games can we play today? Al Linke has created an interactive mirror that can be activated with an Android phone.  

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There are several different types of extrude options you can use when extruding a profile sketch. Depending upon your needs and how your model is setup, the different options can save a lot of time and make your job easier.


Introducing "Learn with Lew"

Surface finish (also called: Texture) is a non-trivial subject. This paper provides only a general overview of the subject. It is not intended to replace a more specific study of the subject necessary for advanced application of surface conditioning.  

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Formally trained as a machinist/tool & die maker. Backed into design & engineering through the latter days of the Apollo program. Has done design/development work for nearly 400 different companies & government agencies across a broad array of industries and disciplines. A self-described professional square peg who proudly wears the attribute, There's the few -- and then there's Lew!

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