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Using the new Text tool in Alibre Design 12.0

This tech tip will focus on a new feature available in the beta version of Alibre Design 12. Even if you aren't participating in the beta program, you can still learn how this new feature will work when Alibre Design 12 is shipped.

Getting Started

To get started, first realize that the text tool is like any other sketching tool. This means that you need to be inside of sketch mode to use it. First get into sketch mode on any plane or face, and then press the tool on the sketching toolbar. Here we're given our first look at the tool:

Entering in the Text

Click in the main text box. Enter the text "Warning! Adhere to all safety protocols. Failure to do so may result in spontaneous combustion." Notice that you can press enter within the text box to put text on a new line. As you type, you will notice the text is also displayed on the 3D model. As with the shape tool, you will need to single click somewhere to place the text initially. Do so after you have finished entering the text in.

Now click OK. Note that you can always go back and edit the text by double clicking on the text shape that is created.

Dimensioning the Text Position

After pressing OK, you will see the text is created as a shape, similar to the Shape tools. You are presented several nodes with which you can dimension. Here, we're using the center node to dimension to the edges of the frame for the text that we created using a simple Extrude Cut.

Extruding the Text

Now, use the Extrude Boss tool to turn the text into a 3D feature and we're done.

Other Options

Below are some examples of various options that you have in the text tool, along with the result.

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