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Alibre Design Newsletter - August 2011

Tough times shouldn't get in the way of your productivity. Did you know you can finance your software, upgrade, and Alibre Subscription Service purchases with no interest?

We're extending our interest-free financing to upgrades and Alibre Subscription Service purchases to make it even easier for you to get the version that you need to work smarter and faster. Just let a sales representative know that you would like to spread your payments out over time.

The clock is ticking on 3D Systems' Empower the Makers contest. The winners will have their designs printed and displayed at Maker Faire New York as well as be entered into a drawing for a free 3D printer!

How to enter:
If you don't already have Alibre Design, download the free trial here, go through the tutorial and design your idea. Be inspired, be creative but think in 3D!

The best projects will be posted on the 3D Systems Facebook page so that all Facebook or Twitter users have a chance vote for their favorites. Entries with the highest number of likes received will win.

Fresh releases of the Alibre Design 2012 Beta are hot off the presses. Want to get your hands on the latest and greatest ahead of everyone else? Sign up for the pre-release of Alibre Design 2012 today and check out the new interface, great new tools, and awesome improvements that are coming out in a few months. Note: you must be on active Alibre Subscription Service to get access to pre-release products..

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  Meet Bruce Buchner, a government financial analyst by day, but his real passion involves modeling fully functional vintage mechanics with a little help from Alibre Design.

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Freedom of Creation has some of the most amazing examples of 3D printing out there. When you take creativity and combine it with amazing technology, you get furniture, art, and so much more that will blow your mind. Peruse their awesome gallery and see what's out there!

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Making complicated cuts in sheet metal can be tedious to say the least. No more! In this tech tip we'll show you how a new feature in Alibre Design 2012 will save you countless hours and a significant amount of sanity.

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Andrew Morris decided the usual wireless volume controls don’t offer enough functionality, so he created the ultimate volume control...

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