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Alibre News October 2009

CEO Blog: Alibre $99 Challenge Offer Goes Viral with “Refer-a-Friend” Marketing Program

v12 Open Beta

Alibre’s very popular $99 Challenge offer for Alibre Design Standard V11.2 ended on September 29th, the same day we began shipping Alibre Design Version 12.

The results exceeded our expectations. We are happy to report that we had record sales and profits in August and September. We added thousands of new customers worldwide, including hundreds of multi-seat business customers. Approximately 40% of new customers were business and 60% individual designers. Unit sales increased by an order of magnitude and lead volume more than doubled. We also received excellent blog and media coverage, with more than a dozen articles including several blogs that discussed the offer more than once. German, Japanese, UK, Australian and other Alibre VAR’s reported similar results.

CAD users apparently haven’t gotten enough though. Every day since September 29th folks are telling us why “they” still deserve to get the $99 offer. We have heard everything from “I didn’t realize it was the 29th already” to the equivalent of “the dog ate my sticky note.”

So to reward our customers, and because we don’t like to turn down business, we are going to authorize existing customers to offer the Alibre Design V11.2 for the $99 price to their friends and associates. Effective immediately, existing customers can authorize up to 10 of their friends or associates to buy V11.2 for only $99 each. Existing customers must use the Alibre “Refer-a-Friend” process to authorize the new referrals. In other words, to qualify for the $99 price, an existing Alibre customer must refer you.

Refer-a-Friend leads are the best ones to get, so we reward customers with free Alibre Subscription Service when their referrals buy. You can get complete details on Alibre’s Refer-a-Friend program and begin inviting others immediately right here.

Customers that purchase Alibre Design Standard V11.2 for $99 can also upgrade to V12 by purchasing a Alibre Subscription Service agreement for $299. In addition to V12, the $299 Alibre Subscription Service agreement includes one year of telephone and online technical support and rights to any new versions or upgrades released in that 12-month period.

Oh, one more thing, for those lonely folks that don’t know anyone that already owns Alibre Design, or for those that just want to get V12 at the best possible price, we are selling Alibre Design Standard V12 plus Alibre Subscription Service for $398 ($99 + $299) to all comers, through the end of October.

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The New Truly Blessed Web Site Brings Dead Memories to Life

As a design house Truly Blessed Customs is a collaborative shop creating original and custom bikes and custom parts for the motorcycle industry that are created using Alibre Design 3D prototyping platform.

Read more about how they use Alibre Design to bring their distinctly unique motorcycle designs to life.

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Tech Tip: Mirroring parts with Alibre Design

Mirroring Parts in v12

Mirroring parts with Alibre Design is a handy technique that will save you time when you need a two parts that are symmetric across a plane. Such parts are common in mechanical systems that are "bilaterally symmetric" like automobiles, aircraft, multi-cylinder engines, etc. That is... the right-hand side and the left-hand side are merely reverses of one another. The technique described below assumes that you are already familiar with part design (including Configurations), and assembly design. Additionally, the Configuration tools are only available in Alibre Design Professional and Alibre Design Expert. The technique does not apply to Alibre Design's sheet metal parts.

Learn How to Mirror Parts in v12

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Gadget Freak: Spirit Radio Receives Transmissions from the Beyond

Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News. Check it out and let us know what you think.

As homage to Nikola Tesla and things that go bump in the night, Rick Crammond created this spooky sound generator that uses a simple crystal radio circuit connected to a PC's sound-in jack, Tesla-inspired plug-in antenna, and DSP software to control the gain and pitch of the circuit to create some great, real-time sound effects! The same radio circuit is a great RF field detector, makes cool sounds from all forms of light, listens to audio ranges, and even receives AM broadcasts. Because what could be spookier, really, than listening to a late-night, syndicated radio show host!


Set Up Your Own Spooky Sounds

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