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Alibre News

Explaining the New Hole Tool

The Hole Tool in Alibre Design 2011 has been revamped. The dialog is much smaller making it less invasive and allowing more room for workspace manipulation.

The hole type is now managed through graphical icons at the top of the dialog instead of the traditional drop-down menu.

The biggest change in the hole dialog is the introduction of Hole Parameter Presets. This feature allows users to create presets for commonly used holes so they can be reapplied in new features and parts with ease. Presets can be created, applied, modified, or deleted through the Hole Tool interface. You can also manually edit your preset file to quickly create a large number of presets.

Creating New Presets

  1. Activate the Hole Dialog
  2. Apply the desired parameters and thread
  3. Type the desired name for the preset into the Preset field
  4. Click Create

  5. Your hole preset will now be stored for future use in this part or new parts

Modifying Existing Presets

  1. Activate the Hole Dialog
  2. Select the desired preset to be modified from the Preset drop down
  3. Make the desired parameter or thread changes
  4. Click Modify
  5. Your preset will now be updated with new values. This will not affect holes created in other parts. To update other parts with this change, open the part, edit the hole feature, and reselect the modified preset.

Deleting Existing Presets

  1. Activate the Hole Dialog
  2. Select the preset to be removed from the preset drop-down
  3. Click Delete
  4. The selected preset will now be removed from your list of presets.

Using Existing Hole Presets

  1. Create a part and select a face to apply a hole(s)
  2. Activate the Hole Dialog
  3. Select a preset from the preset drop down.
  4. The parameters of the selected preset will now be pushed into your current hole. The selected preset is not stored in the hole feature but the preset's parameters are.
  5. Thread created from Hole Presets can be displayed in the Drawing workspace using the Insert Hole Callouts command.