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Speed up Detailing 2D Drawings with In Place Editing

Putting the finishing touches on a 2D drawing are faster and easier with the In Place Editing Controls. When an item is selected the popup pallet will only show the appropriate Controls and allows the user easier access to the editing commands.


  • In Place Editing Controls are only enabled while you are not in sketch mode.
  • Left click and the appropriate Control(s) will be available.
  • The list of controls can either be shown with their names and or they can be collapsed to a smaller set of icons that do not have their names; as shown below.
  • To turn off the controls, from the main menu go to Tool > Options > General tab and uncheck Show In-Place Editing Commands.

Available Controls gives you the ability to:

  • Manage Views: turn on/off hidden lines, tangent edges, centers, cosmetic threads, external thread callouts and hole callouts.
  • Change Layer: change the current layer, color, scale, weight, or pattern.
  • Change Dimensions: change a variety of different properties of a dimension.
  • Change Scale: ┬áchange the scale of a view if it is the Front view or a non aligned view.
  • Other Standard Views: add standard views that have not yet been placed in the 2D drawing.
  • Reposition Dimensions: quickly align a group of linear dimensions to an edge of the model/assembly.
  • Reproject Design Dimensions: add the dimensions that were created in the part/sheet metal workspace.

How to Quickly Change the Properties of a Dimension

To change the properties of a dimension, simply left click on it and then select the Dimension Control. Now select what items you want to change and when you move your mouse off of the Dimension Control your newly entered values will be shown.

Available Controls gives you the ability to:

  1. create new Dimension Styles
  2. change the precision of the dimension
  3. change the font
  4. change the dimension style
  5. change the dimensions text location
  6. use dual dimensions
  7. add tolerance information
  8. override the dimension value
  9. the style of an arc/circle can be changed between diameters and radii

Adding Custom Dimension Styles

Often times you will want to use the exact same properties over and over again for Dimensions. New dimension styles can be saved and reused directly from within the Dimension Control. When a certain style is needed in the 2D drawing, change some of the properties and then name the dimension style. If you want to use an existing style, simply select it from the Dimension Style dropdown.

To create a new Dimension Style

  1. Change the desired item(s); such as tolerance, precision, or dual dimension.
  2. Click the Create button.
  3. Rename the previously selected name to your desired name.
  4. Once a new item has been made it can be accessed from the Dimension Control or from the main menu in Tools > Dimension Style.