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Alibre HQ in Richardson, TX

Did you know?

Alibre, pronounced "uh-lee-bray", is based on the Latin root liber, meaning free in modern Italian, Spanish and French.

The name embodies our vision to liberate designers from expensive, complex software; to deliver easy to use solid modeling software and make it available to anyone seeking to innovate in 3D.

Alibre Design 2013 and Windows XP

It is with great anticipation that we're beginning the final phases of the Alibre Design 2013 development cycle. With the conclusion of our beta program we have a solid trajectory for our release schedule, and we're very happy with what we've accomplished so far.

As we begin to approach a release timeframe, we wanted to let everyone know about some changes to the officially supported operating systems for Alibre Design. As of Alibre Design 2013, we are phasing out official support for Windows XP.

We are doing this for several reasons. As of this time, relatively few of our customers are using Windows XP. We've seen a rapid adoption to Windows Vista, 7, and now 8 over the last few years. As hardware and software vendors focus their efforts to support great experiences for newer operating systems, many are forced to choose between adopting new technologies and supporting very old operating systems that do not support those technologies. We feel it is in the best interest of our customers as a whole if we have a forward-looking stance. We've anticipated some common questions and have answered them below.

When will Alibre Design 2013 be released?

3D Systems does not comment on the dates of upcoming products. However, we have concluded our beta program at this time and would like to thank everyone that participated.

Does Alibre Design 2013 run on Windows XP?

During our beta, we had several customers running Alibre Design 2013 on Windows XP. We did not see any issues that appeared to be specific to Windows XP. You should be able to install and run Alibre Design 2013 on Windows XP, however it is not officially supported and may have unanticipated behavior. However, we have not identified any such behavior at this time.

What does "Officially Supported" mean?

Officially Supported means that Alibre has fully tested and certified a product to run on a particular operating system. This means we've tried a wide variety of software and hardware configurations to ensure our products will run as expected. It also means Alibre will provide customer support and potentially devote development resources to issues found on those operating systems.

As of Alibre Design 2013, Alibre will not offer certain types of support for customers running on Windows XP.

What types of Support are available if I'm running Alibre Design 2013 on Windows XP?

Alibre will continue to offer limited support for customers on Windows XP. Questions specifically related to using the software, such as design methodologies, are in general not specific to an operating system.

Alibre will not continue to offer support for Alibre Design 2013 on Windows XP for issues such as display problems, drivers, installation, conflicting hardware or software, or any other behavior that can ultimately be attributed to Windows XP or related software or hardware. Additionally, Alibre will no longer devote resources towards fixing issues that are Windows XP – specific.

I have Alibre Design 2012 or earlier – is that still officially supported on Windows XP?


What operating systems are officially supported for Alibre Design 2013?

Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8

Best regards,

The Alibre Team