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Geomagic Design Elements and Geomagic Design Comparison

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Geomagic Design Comparison

This page details the differences between the Geomagic Design product levels. Different levels of Geomagic Design include various pieces of functionality shown under the Product Info section of the website.

Please ask your local reseller about pricing and purchase options.

Geomagic Design Elements

Geomagic Design

Installs and Operating System Support

Number of allowed installations

2 2

Native 32 bit support

Native 64 bit support


Integrated Tutorials

Instant-on live support (first and only in the industry)
*requires active Geomagic Subscription Service

Easy, streamlined user interface

3D Modeling

Accurate Physical Properties

Parametric part modeling

Parametric assembly modeling

Drag-and-drop Constraint Management

Excel Driven Designs

Accurate Assembly Motion

Interference Detection

Re-use 2D Files (DWG/DXF) as the basis for 3D parts

Standard Part Libraries

Direct Editing for push/pull modeling

Intelligent part class and assembly class design

Sheet Metal Modeling

Basic Sheet Metal Design

Contour Flange Tool

Lofted Flange Tool

Convert Solid Parts to Sheet Metal Parts

Design Communication

Basic 3D PDF Publishing

2D PDF and Advanced 3D PDF Publishing

PhotoRealistic Rendering

2D Drawings

2D Drawing creation wizard

Full 2D detailing toolset

Automatic updating of 2D when design changes

Automatic and manual BOM creation

Automatic title blocks


Basic 3D Import
IGES - SAT - STEP - SolidWorks

Basic 3D Export

Basic 2D Import/Export
DXF - DWG - Image formats

Geomagic Translate - Extended 3D Import
Inventor - ProE - Catia - Parasolid - SolidEdge

Geomagic Translate - Extended 3D Export
Solidworks - Parasolid

Graphic Design / Other Export


Moment of Inspiration (MoI) surface modeling

Native Surface Manipulation Tools

Integrated Data and Process Management

Windows integration

Single-source data management

Check-in / Check-out

Secure access

Lightning fast and robust search

Scalable to large deployments

Highly customizable to fit your organization's processes and requirements

Remotely accessible

Automatic notifications

Process definition and enforcement

Easily connect to existing databases

Further integration with Office 2007

Design Verification

Integrated Motion Analysis

Automatic Constraint Mapping(ACM) for automatically set-up motion elements

Real time graphical output for forces, positions, velocities, etc.

Excel output for motion analysis