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Five reasons Alibre Design PE is perfect for 2D users

If you're like a lot of people, you've spent year and years on a 2D CAD system such as AutoCAD. You know there are benefits to moving to 3D, but you want to take it at your own pace and not dent your wallet in the process. Alibre Design PE is for you.

The easiest, fastest, cheapest way to learn 3D

Alibre Design PE keeps (a lot of) money in your wallet. Most introductory 3D CAD packages start at $500 and up. That's a lot to spend when you just want to take your time and learn. Alibre Design PE offers all the 3D modeling tools we offer at a price that's easy to justify. You'll get free video training and tutorials to help you learn. The streamlined interface won't bombard you with 300 tools you'll never use.

Build your 3D skills and get more marketable

Alibre Design PE gives you access to a complete set of parametric 3D modeling tools for $199. This isn't a watered-down design package. You can build nearly anything you can think of. When you design models in Alibre Design PE, you will be using techniques that are common to every 3D CAD package on the market - allowing you to build your skillset and have those skills be applicable to a wide variety of 3D modeling software.

Learn at your own pace

Alibre Design PE allows you to take your time without impacting your normal workflow. The interface is easy to learn and use, but you might only have time to work with the software every once in a while. No problem - if you're using Alibre Design PE to grow your skills over time you can work on smaller projects when time permits. You don't have to switch your entire design process overnight.

Leverage your existing 2D skills in 3D

While it may seem like 3D is completely different than 2D, the two design processes share many things. During modeling, a common input to a 3D feature is to create a 2D sketch first. Being able to visualize what these sketches need to look like will be extremely easy for you since many of these sketches correspond to cross sections that you would see in a 2D drawing.

Learn how 2D drawings become almost automatic in 3D

In 2D, you have to draw each view by hand. How many times has a change taken you hours and hours to make? How much time did you spend verifying your change was correct across every view? Ever made a mistake? 3D modeling was invented to do three primary things: allow better visualization, easier editing, and automatic 2D drawing creation. When you edit the 3D model, every view and dimension in your 2D drawing will update for you. How easy is that?