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KeyShot Rendering

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KeyShot for CAD
is included in:

Geomagic Design Elements
Geomagic Design

Download the Keyshot For
Geomagic Product Brochure:

KeyShot for Geomagic Brochure

Luxion's KeyShot™ for CAD

What is it?

KeyShot for Geomagic is what you use to turn your CAD models into amazing photorealistic images. It's what almost every image on this website was made with. It's an all new generation software renderer that allows anyone within minutes to create photographic realism with their model. Most importantly, it's easy. Drag-and-drop materials, preset lighting, and real-time updates give you the final result all the time.

The Easiest Rendering in the World

KeyShot for Geomagic is not designed for people that want to spend their entire career learning rendering software. It isn't designed for people that like and want hundreds of slide bars, or for people that know the technical definitions of specularity or caustics or environment mapping. It's designed for people who appreciate great technology working for them and automatically taking care of all that stuff so they can focus on creating compelling, photorealistic results. It is designed for everyone else: engineers, architects, marketing folks, product designers, and hobbyists.

Two options to fit your needs

KeyShot for Geomagic comes in two flavors: KeyShot for Geomagic Edition Basic and KeyShot for Geomagic Edition.

KeyShot for
Geomagic Edition Basic

KeyShot for
Geomagic Edition

How you get it

Free with Geomagic Design
and Design Elements

Upgrade for $199

Max real-time resolution

1024x768 pixels

1920x1080 pixels

Max non real-time resolution


2500x1600 pixels

Render with alpha channel



Extra control over render settings



To learn more about the differences and for a description of these features, please view the brochure further up the page.

The KeyShot Process: Simplicity is Beautiful

Working in KeyShot for Geomagic is an easy process that requires little to no learning time before you're producing amazing quality shots.