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Geomagic CAM

Moment of Inspiration
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Geomagic Design

Moment of Inspiration (MoI)

MoI is insanely simple to use surface modeling, fast concept modeling, and a gateway to bring your 3D CAD models into everything from Blender to SketchUp to Maya.

Surface Modeling

MoI excels in the fast design of surface models. Surfacing opens up new workflows and allows you to create more organic, visually pleasing products typically oriented at consumer use.

With MoI, you can design the body of an item and then export it as a STEP file to bring it into Geomagic Design where you can add the mechanical internals. Or, you can design a body in Geomagic Design and then export it to MoI for fast and elegant additions that give your products a look that sells.

Rapid Concept Modeling

It's called Moment of Inspiration for a reason - the second you have that moment nothing should get in the way of getting it onto your screen. That's the first step, and MoI's purpose in life is to let you take an idea and make it real as fast as possible. MoI is unmatched in its combination of powerful tools and simplicity. You can even sketch something on paper or use an existing product image, import the image into MoI, and use it as a reference.

Use CAD models in every major rendering, animation, and game development platform

Traditional mesh-based modelers have their place, but often you can design mechanical-looking components of a scene substantially faster in a 3D CAD system like Geomagic Design. With Geomagic Design's import filters and MoI's export options you can open native files from almost any CAD system and export them as an OBJ with fine-tuned control over tesselation for optimizing file size and rendering overhead vs. geometric accuracy.