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It's that time again...

We're happy to announce the Alibre 2010 Design Contest.

How to enter

Entering is simple. Just post your design on That's it! There's no need to call it out for the design contest. At a minimum your post should have:

  • A screen shot of the design within Alibre Design
  • A description of what the design is, what it does, etc.
A render is not required, but renders and real world photos might get you an edge come voting time.

How you can pick the winners

The winners will be decided by our users! Simply click on one of the design albums and click Like this. You must be signed in to do this.


Cash money! Here are the categories:

  • $1000 - Best overall design
  • $500 - Runner up (Mechanical)
  • $500 - Runner up (Non-mechanical)
  • $250 - Honorable mention
  • $250 - Honorable mention
  • $250 - Honorable mention
"Mechanical" means a machine. "Non-Mechanical" means something that isn't. Examples of a non-mechanical design would be thing like a sculpture, birdhouse, furniture, and similar items.

Legal mumbo jumbo

Terms and conditions:
  1. Participants must be registered Alibre Design users with a valid license for Alibre Design.
  2. Designs must be created primarily with Alibre Design
  3. Designs entered in previous Alibre Design contests are not eligible
  4. Contest winners will be determined via voting on In the event of a tie, Alibre, Inc. will choose the winners.
  5. Any Entry may be disqualified at the sole discretion of Alibre, Inc.
  6. Alibre reserves the right to make changes to the prizes and rules if necessary.

Entrant hereby gives Alibre, Inc. ("Alibre") permission to use Entrant's name and other information contained within, in whole or in part, in sales and marketing activities related to promoting Alibre technologies. Entrant specifically agrees as follows:

  1. By submitting an Entry, Entrant agrees to be bound by these rules as well as the decisions of the judges. Alibre reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.
  2. Entrant hereby consents to Alibre's publication of the submitted Entry in marketing materials including, but not limited to, Alibre's websites, press releases, advertisements, packaging and other printed and digital publications without any further permission, notification or compensation.
  3. An Entry consists solely of images of a model which you have created in Alibre Design. Do not submit the actual model with your Entry. If your Entry is selected as a finalist, you agree to submit the model to Alibre for verification.
  4. Entrant warrants that he/she has the right and authority to grant permission to Alibre to use the Entry and further asserts that doing so does not violate or infringe the copyrights or proprietary rights of others. Entrant attests that he/she is the rightful owner of the Entry. Making an Entry public may affect Entrant's right to a patent. Entrants are advised not to submit Entries for which patent protection may be sought without first seeking legal advice.
  5. Winners are solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes, and must provide Alibre with necessary 1099 information.
  6. Alibre is not in any way responsible or liable for damages, loss or injury resulting from participation in this Contest.