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Consumer Products

Gumbo Product Development

Ren Tubergen, Ph.D., P.E., Mechanical Engineer

"I used Alibre Design in a pinch to create sound 3D models of a complex roto-molded tank. The tank was to be portable and have the pumping equipment in a cavity in the back of the part. Alibre Design allowed me to design the complex part so that it had a simple open and close mold which reduced mold and part cost. The software allowed for standard IGES output files which the model shop was able to use further reducing mold cost.

The project worked out great and created a happy customer for me and another happy customer for Alibre."

Audio Design Labs, Inc.

Richard Walborn, Chief Technical Officer

"Before getting Alibre Design and PhotoRender, I did all my designs using 2D CAD. My previous employer had a designer using Pro/E so I was a least familiar with 3D CAD. However, since starting my own business there was no way I could afford Pro/E or SolidWorks. I tried the free demo and at once thought the price was right. It was worth every dollar I spent. Now I use Alibre Design for all my design needs. I use Alibre Design with Alibre PhotoRender to develop concepts that I can share with my partners, clients, and vendors and get their feedback. I use the 2D CAD output, to send detailed drawings to our vender in China. The image is one of our speakers systems."

Jeff Mitchell

"I switched to Alibre Design Professional from another CAD system 3 months ago. There were several reasons that made this product attractive but initially I was interested in higher reliability for exporting my designs to FEA programs. During a phone conversation with an ALGOR representative he recommended Alibre Design, so I downloaded the trial. I found the interface very intuitive and the learning curve short. I have since become enamored with the collaborative design features and hope that this product might help me leap some of the language hurdles present with our overseas manufacturers. This solid modeler fits my needs and it's a super value."


Stephen Fitzgerald

"As a former SolidWorks user, I could not believe that Alibre Design could do what it claimed for so little money. After using the demo I was convinced, so I bought the professional version. A few months later I purchased the Algor Mechanical Events Simulation package, and was very pleasantly surprised to see that Alibre Design was integral to that FEA software as well. “That's great,” I thought, “now I do my modeling and analysis in an integrated environment.”

Recently, I was visiting a customer who manufactures graphite sporting goods (can't say exactly what, but you have heard of their brands) and suggested that they move from 2D to 3D. Their engineer was skeptical -- thought it would be too hard and too expensive. I showed them the site and they are going to get Alibre Design because of its ease of learning and its low cost. Now we will have round-trip integration from myself to the customer, through analysis and into production drawings. All of the software to do this cost less than one copy of SolidWorks!"

Purple Computing

Lawrence Henry Berg, Sole Proprietor

"I had a local (across the street) world class semi-retired injection mold making guru quote making our next mold. I was surprised that he quoted me $800 to make the drawings for my approval, and $10,000 to make the mold. I had already deposited $5,000 with him thinking the mold would cost about that much so was surprised that he wanted double what I was thinking. So I did some searching on Google and discovered a shop in California (which I assumed would be way more being in the big city and us being located out in the woods of southern Oregon) and was flabbergasted to learn that it could be done for only $5,000 but more importantly the man said that if I would provide him with "solid" drawings that he could do it for half that price! Wow, you see the drawings done by our local world class mold maker were simple 2D AutoCAD drawings. So I asked the guy in California where I can get a "solids" program, he said look for SolidWorks or Alibre Design.

I found Alibre Design on-line and was once again flabbergasted to learn I could download it, and run it for 30 days on trial. I was so happy and amazed I just bought it, but basically it pays for itself the first time it's used.

In 1986 I paid $3,000 for AutoCAD version 2.5 and upgraded it for years at many hundreds per upgrade, but when I semi-retired for a few years and then decided to go back into my one man business, and wanted to upgrade my AutoCAD that I spent half a lifetime learning, because the version I had would not even load into today's machines, ha, what did they say to me? NO UPGRADE PATH! Ha! I'll go to my grave remembering those words. It's the end of the upgrade path for me, so I'll try my best to see that it's also the end of the upgrade path for AutoCAD the company!

I'm betting on Alibre to take me the rest of the way, even though my path is small and slow, when I invest my life in learning to use a tool, I want the tool to be there when I need it.

With Alibre's solution we will be able someday to tap our engineering guru resources all over the world for mold design help. Right now our Pfranc in Israel is designing our next mold. The last mold we had made in mainland China for $1500. Yeah, the same one that the guy across the street quoted $10,000 to make! No kidding. I think people will come to realize (sooner or later) that the ACAD path (and others like them) could be the short path to a grand canyon."