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Truly Blessed Customs

Truly Blessed Customs

Santa Fe, New Mexico has long been the center of art, architecture and culture and it is estimated that one in six residents is employed by the art industry; including painters, sculptors, photographers, framers, curators, foundry workers, and art dealers. Now, that artistic flare & design prowess extends into the neo-gothic world of custom motorcycle builders at Truly Blessed Customs.

In the beginning...Ray Chavez wanted to buy a motorcycle to drive the to and from his job at the Los Alamos Lab, but after collaborating with a designer from Augusta, Georgia, named Aric Singletary, he decided to build a one-off custom with Aric's help. With a custom frame from West Coast Choppers and a sleek, powerful ULTIMA El Bruto Competition Series Big Bore 113 Cubic Inch Engine, the pair was off to a great start with a bike named "Don Diego". They wanted to make the bike truly custom and Ray wanted a cross for the air cleaner, but there were none available on the market.

Making the design using his artistic talents he sent a design over to Aric who came up with spider web design to fit the profile of an air cleaner to fit the engine. What they came up with was a 35 part device that had a great look but would cost a pretty penny to make. "There is a price to be paid for being unique," Chavez remembered of the proto-types of the cross. So Aric and Ray decided to use a professional designer. That is where Jessie Nichols of Brainchild Enterprises came into the project. Jessie is a professional design engineer as well as a reseller of Alibre Design 3D CAD software. As they collaborated they saw the opportunity to sell these to other motor cycle enthusiasts.

The New Truly Blessed Web Site Brings Dead Memories To Life
Building a new business in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains, professional designers Ray Chavez & Aric Singletary lead a life that is "Truly Blessed". As a design house Truly Blessed Customs is a collaborative shop creating original & custom bikes and custom parts for the motorcycle industry that are created using Alibre Design 3D prototyping platform. TBC brought to the market the 1st custom engine air cleaner in the shape of a cross created for v-twin motorcycle engines using S&S carburetors, or Mikuni/CV carburetors with an adapter. Both use a standard K&N air filter. This product features the original "Truly Blessed" logo design, which portrays Ray's and Aric's vision of a unique, strong and aggressive yet spiritual look to their artistic creations. Now expanding the product line TBC is launching a new sexy website and the "Dead Memories" air cleaner in the shape of a Skull.

High desert collaboration of artist & engineers
Chavez & Singletary started working on the Truly Blessed project 3 years ago when they built the totally one-off custom bike, the "Don Diego", featuring the cross air cleaner. The logo inspired cross was designed by TBC, engineered by Jessie Nichols of Brainchild Enterprises using Alibre Design 3D CAD software and digitally prototyped by Redeye RPM. With the success of that project comes another build, this time with the unique "Dead Memories" line of products.

Where artistic design meets real world manufacturing
Inspired by the Art and Culture of the New Mexican high desert, TBC is bringing new design to the custom motorcycle market using state of the art tools and the talent of their peers in the area. Jessie Nichols is also engineering this project, which brings out the classic skull look so familiar in biker lore. The new air cleaners will be a highly engineered product giving bikers that custom look on their rides. "We are pretty excited by this new project, "says Nichols, "Ray has true vision and its great fun to take his artistic design and make it a reality." For the "Dead Memories" skull air cleaner they will be using high grade 6061 aluminum, polished to a high luster and special rivets made of brass & bronze for the eyes and nose. "The entire part is aluminum. Which keeps cost and weight down and allows for polishing to resemble chrome plating, and if a customer wants color it can be anodized." says Nichols of Brainchild Enterprises.

To shave manufacturing costs and enhance aesthetics the revised air cleaner design employs a unique 2-part design compared to 35 parts of the original prototype while allowing for an off the shelf K&N brand air filter. Slats surround the skull and cross allowing for maximum air flow. Special bolts secure the air cleaner to the engine. The unique custom text of the Truly Blessed brand is back as well, this time with a sleek curve. "It was the most difficult element of the design," said Nichols, Truly Blessed Customs desired more than the typical font types and engraving methods seen on other products. "I used advanced Alibre Design utilities to get the text placed just right on the Skull."

The Cross & Skull will also be available without the custom text so that you may personalize the design with a unique message. In addition to the air cleaner line, TBC will also be offering other products such as foot controls, risers, license plate holders and other Truly Blessed products. Many of these items are currently in the design phase, and will be coming soon. Chavez says, "Our goal is to bring new and unique product designs to our customers." For a real treat visit, and even if you're not in the market for a new part for your bike, stop by their store for another Truly Blessed Cross - the TBC Keychain.


About Truly Blessed Customs
Truly Blessed Customs is a company bringing new and original product designs to the motorcycle industry. Our goal is to bring new and unique product designs to our customers. Contact: Truly Blessed Customs
Phone Santa Fe, NM: (505) 699-3145,
Phone Augusta, GA: (706) 394-4783

About Brainchild Enterprises
Brainchild Enterprises specializes in the design and development of products. We also provide powerful parametric Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to develop or manufacture products themselves. Contact: Brainchild Enterprises

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