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Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy is the first school in Texas to get 3D Systems 3D Printer.

Principal Nakia Douglas and KumOtek join forces to bring 3D printing & robotics to Texas classroom.

For Nakia Douglas, the principal of the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, the past six months have been a whirlwind of activity as he and his staff have opened the doors of the first all boys school in the history of DISD.

BOMLA Dallas takes only the best students with the strongest math and science skills, A to B+ students from all over the district for this brand new Magnet School. Matt Fisher of Richardson based KumOtek Robotics and Principal Douglas met last year at an education conference and formed a relationship that focused on the mission of BOMLA, to develop young men into leaders through intellectual and scientific skills. KumoTek is a leading manufacturer and design house for robots used in classroom education and interactive entertainment.

Robotics and 3D printing complete new computer lab

The students of BOMLA are the 1st school in Texas to be able to use the 3D Systems BFB TOUCH printer. The Printer along with KumOtek's robotics kits was purchased through a special grant to educate and expose these future leaders to the latest technology. Kumtec and 3DS Alibre visited the school to jump start the process of setting up the printers and robots while getting the students familiar with the new technology. Fisher was joined by Masahiro Ishida of KumOtek. Jon Pace, Director of Sales and Mike Hayden, Marketing Manager for 3DS Alibre were also on hand to help guide the students with the 3D printer setup and to install Alibre Design 3D CAD Software.

3D Printing Test Drive

The next step had the students unboxing the new printer and setting it up in their brand new computer lab. They opened the toolkit that comes with the BFB TOUCH and began the setup which takes about 15 minutes. They seated the bed and installed the squeegee drop box, installed the AXON 2 G-code software and were ready for their 1st test print. The students were amazed that they could begin a 3D print that fast, other students began to go over the robotics kit with Masahiro and Matt. While 9th grader Andrew Skalicky sat down with the 3DS Alibre team to for an introduction to Alibre Design 2012 3D CAD Software. Andrew took to the software like a pro, and made his 1st extruded part and cut several holes in the part. He then exported an STL file he could print out later.

Making the most of education and creative minds

At the end of the school day the students didn't run out with the bell, they were truly excited about what they were learning to create. Matt Fisher says, "the key to their future success is being exposed to this type of technology in the classroom; they have to get a head start in this competitive world." The students at Barack Obama are on track for a successful future, as Principal Nakia Douglas says BOMLA is "The School of Today for Tomorrow's Leaders."

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