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String Theory

String Theory makes a Quantum Leap in Yo-Yo Design.

For over 2000 years people have been toying around with the yo-yo, also called a bandalore, the quiz and the joujou. While the origins aren't clear, these objects that were once thought of as weapons have been seen on ancient Greek pottery and paintings as far back as 500 BC. With 21st century technology, cutting edge 3D CAD software and a passion for the art, String Theory YoYos is making its mark on the yoyo world.

The Remnant yoyo is the latest product from by designer Mark Mankiewicz, owner of String Theory YoYos in Plano, Texas. Using Alibre Design software, Mark perfected his new product during the design and prototype phase, engineering a new professional grade yo-yo that's precision machined for maximum stability and maximum spin time.

String Theory began with the idea to design a top-of-the-line precision yo-yo made from aerospace grade aluminum and premium steel bearings. Mark studied different yoyo designs and used that knowledge to advance the state of the art. Having a background in Alibre Design software and using his technical ability to design in 3D, Mark devised the two butterfly-bells halves that form the REMNANT to an exact weight. "Alibre allowed me to calculate the physical properties after each design change so I could ensure I was within regulation. After I sent them to get machined, the virtual prototype and reality matched to within .5 grams."

Working in Alibre Design Expert to make sketch of the body and revolving it around the axis, Mark then cut away the bearing seat to allow for a C-size Dif-e-Yo KonKave Stainless Steel Yo-Yo Bearing. He also designed special grooves for silicon pads that cause friction on the side walls allowing the yoyo to come back up. Mark explained, "Yo-yos seem like toys, but there is a lot of physics going on in terms of getting an optimal one. I performed a cross -sectional weight distribution analysis to get the weight perfect for maximum spin time." Adding an M4 12 mm set screw to hold the parts together; Mark then designed special fillets to make the yoyo fit comfortably in your hand. The end result is yoyo meant for serious players with a bright and vibrant anodized aluminum coat that comes in jet black, blood red or midnight blue.

The Remnant is the first release by String Theory. It is precision machined for maximum stability and has bold shape with popular features in many of today's leading competition yo-yos. It has a balanced-rim weighted design to maximize spin time and stability and has been tested extensively to ensure quality.

Visit and be on the lookout for a full line of Aluminum Performance + Plastic Yo-yos in the future.

REMNANT Technical Specifications

    Weight: 64 Grams Aluminum
    Diameter: 50mm
    Width: 41mm
    Gap: 3.95mm
    Response: Flush Silicone Groove


    2 silicon pads
    2 halves
    1 screw M4 12mm set screw
    1 bearing Dif-e-Yo Ceramic KonKave bearing C-size (.5 inch OD, .25 inch ID width: .187 inch)
    String: YYN Highlights 100% Polyester
    Laser engraved 'REMNANT' logo
    Price: $99.00

3D model and manufacturing drawings: Alibre Design Expert

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About String Theory.
At String Theory Yoyo's we believe in providing the highest level in performance yoyoing. This is why we use the latest competition grade components for all our yoyo's. We use Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearings to center the string for perfect balance while minimizing friction. Our yoyo's are precision machined and tested extensively in the USA. At String Theory Yoyo's we are yoyoer's and this love for the art allows us to offer the best quality you can buy. Web: Phone: 972.333.5424 Email:

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