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The 2010/2011 Alibre
Design Contest Winners

Hail! Your CAD gladiator champions!

RGM Watches

Designer: Benoît Barbé (Pennsylvania, USA)
Company: RGM Watches
Product: The Pennsylvania Tourbillon
Description: The Pennsylvania Tourbillon is the ultimate expression of modern American watch making and is the first tourbillon in a series ever to be made in the U.S.A. This ultimate luxury can be yours for $75,000.

Can you briefly describe your design process?"Basically I do all the CAD design in Alibre Design and then I machine the prototype. The prototype allows me to make all the functional changes in the design inside Alibre Design. For the aesthetic of our new product I first design a basic shape that I print on paper. Roland Murphy (my boss), Rich Baugh (our aesthetic designer) and I rework the shapes on that print to sharpen the aesthetic aspect of our product."

What do you use Alibre Design for at RGM Watches? "At RGM, we use Alibre to create the 3D model of our new movements and cases . We are the only company manufacturing watches in USA. And of- course from the 3D models we make the prints needed for the making and machining of the parts. A large part of those pieces are manually machined by us. We are able to cut wheels, machine bridges, and hand finish all the parts. One of our specialties is a type of finish called 'Guilloché'."

How has Alibre Design helped you get your work done? "Alibre is affordable and efficient. It's easy and simple to use. It just has the power and function that fit our needs to create a new watch movement.

Pennsylvania Tourbillon Pennsylvania Tourbillon Pennsylvania Tourbillon Pennsylvania Tourbillon

Sebastian Finke

Designers: Sebastian Finke (South Africa)
Company: ECA Product and Mould Design CC
Product: Lunchbox Mold
Description: A 4-cavity mould measuring 930mm x 930mm x 645mm for a lunch box. All in all a project of this size will take approximately 160 hours and the assembly contains just 550 separate parts.

How has Alibre Design helped your business?   "Alibre Design suits my needs perfectly as it allows me to deliver top-notch design work to all my customers. From home inventors to large corporations, simple one-part articles to massive and complex assemblies, Alibre Design has completed every single task I set it. Add to that its attractive price, excellent support and fantastic Alibre community and I can honestly say it is one of the most attractive packages around."

Lunchbox Mold Lunchbox Mold Lunchbox Mold Lunchbox Mold

Neil Reed

Designer: Neil Reed (Oregon, USA)
Company: Hobbyist
Product: Star Trek Chess Set
Description: As a test of the Alibre Design 2011 beta, Neil reproduced what many will find to be a nostalgic throwback to the times of Spock and human-machine interfaces with way cooler noises than exist today. The Tri-D Chess Set is a variation of Raumschach (German for "Space Chess") which was invented in 1907 by Dr. Ferdinand Maack.

What do you use Alibre Design for?   "I use Alibre Design for a variety of project for both home and at work. I find it is a great tool for getting a good visual of what I am working on and saves me countless hours in work by letting me "see" my project before I start actual construction. Projects range from designing the layout of my shop space at work along with work bench design and electrical placement, to more hobby oriented things, planning the kitchen remodel and new deck, to the CNC Router design. And of course just plain fun projects like this chess set, I've always wanted one and now I have the designs to build it."

How has Alibre Design helped you to get your work done?   "I found Alibre Design very intuitive and easy to use, never having been trained to use CAD and not having the time to take classes in it I am very happy Alibre Design was around for me to use. With the help of the great Alibre Design community who are very active on its forum and always willing to help I found that I can create almost anything in Alibre Design."

Star Trek Chess Set Star Trek Chess Set Star Trek Chess Set Star Trek Chess Set


Designers: Robert Mohrbacher (Washington, USA)
Company: Mohr Composites on behalf of WikiSpeed
Product SGT02 100-mpg race car
Description: This car body was conceived by Robert Mohrbacher of on behalf of Wikispeed. The SGT02 is the second major step for WikiSpeed towards the dream bringing ultra-efficient, street legal vehicles to consumers at affordable prices. It’s the first customizable sedan retailing under $20,000 that achieves over 100 mpg in the city and on the highway using existing fuel infrastructure. The SGT02 also uses existing engine technology, making it widely serviceable. Other cars have been built to achieve over 100 mpg, but at much, much higher cost.

Tell us how this project came about... "This all happened when Joe Justice of WikiSpeed had posted a request for volunteer assistance with advanced lofting skills in "I rose to the challenge when my company accepted the task of designing a car body for a 100 mpg car. I already had 3 years of experience with Alibre Design and was designing wings and bodies for RC aircraft and UAV’s. I had already enjoyed much experience working in a custom car shop in the past, making modifications for car shows, and the modified vehicles have been published in car and truck magazines -- so it was not a far stretch to design a car body to Wikispeed’s specifications."

Wikispeed SGT02 Wikispeed SGT02 Wikispeed SGT02 Wikispeed SGT02

Designer: Keith Nair (United Kingdom)
Product: Pyrolysis Unit
Description: Keith designed a pyrolysis unit, a machine designed for the "thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Pyrolysis typically occurs under pressure and at operating temperatures above 430 °C (800 °F)."

Pyrolysis Unit Pyrolysis Unit

Korsa Engineering

Designer: Travis Hagglund (Western Canada)
Company: Korsa Engineering
Product: Service Rig for oil and gas wells
Description: Korsa Engineering has experience in design of mechanisms, mechanical components, service rig structures, drilling rig structures, fall arrest systems, overhead equipment, oilfield platforms, and so on. Korsa Engineering can provide 3D solid modeling, stress analysis, drafting, and other engineering services. Korsa Engineering has experience in inspection and certifications of oilfield service equipment and structures.

Where in the design process did you use Alibre Design?   "I had 2D drawings of the existing design. I used Alibre to generate a 3D model that I could then easily modify according to my customers requirements."

How has Korsa Engineering benefited from using Alibre Design?   "Korsa Engineering is a small, single engineer company, and as such cannot afford "mainstream" 3D CAD packages such as Solidworks or Inventor. Alibre has provided Korsa Engineering a low cost solid modeling package with much of the same functionality of mainstream 3D cad packages, and excellent value for money."

Is the product manufactured yet? What exactly is its purpose?   "The service rig is a mobile machine used to service oil wells. It has the capacity to extract and replace tubing, sucker rods, and the down-hole pump. The rig I modeled is not yet manufactured. There are however many working in the field that are very similar to this one."

Service Rig for oil and gas wells Service Rig for oil and gas wells