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Analytic Systems

Steven McClain

"I use Alibre Design while designing large battery chargers and inverters. The exact physical layout of the components has a dramatic impact on quality of the final product. Mechanical, electrical, thermal as well as any packaging or other constraints must be considered for each component in the design. Alibre Design allows me to visualize the exact physical topology of a new product. This lets me examine many potential layouts to select the one to build.

After choosing a candidate build I then fill in more detail until I can create a set of drawings for the parts that need to be fabricated. Alibre Design then generates all of the drawings needed automatically.

Alibre Design is the first program of its kind that I have ever used. I have some 3D CAD experience and I found the learning curve fairly quick. I was creating parts in a few hours and after 6 months we now have over 300 parts."

Robert Chaloupecky

Senior Mechanical Engineer

"I work in a small electronics company with a very limited software budget. I tried for over a year to get them to purchase SolidWorks and showed them the benefits of 3D and the time it would save. I was doing my designs using the 3D operations of basic AutoCAD. To edit even simple holes and move walls was a major endeavor. When I received the Alibre Design demo, I was amazed by its capabilities, especially for the cost. I had no problem convincing management to purchase it. Now design concept development is much easier. And Alibre Design interfaces with AutoCAD very well for our legacy drawings."


Michael C. Barnes, President

"NorhTec produces custom, standalone, embedded computers for a variety of industries. We have successfully used Alibre Design for many of our key projects. Our engineers have experience with AutoCAD and SolidWorks. We have no problems exchanging files with customers or between engineers.

Alibre Design was the best and most reasonably priced 3D package we could find."

Origin Instruments Corporation

Mel Dashner, Engineer

"Solid modeling liberated our company. In the past we did all our design in 2D and it imposed significant limitations on our ability to innovate. Now with Alibre Design we can cost-effectively design complex products.

Before purchasing Alibre Design, I evaluated several of the traditional solid modelers and found Alibre Design to be much easier to use. We are a small company and as such I will be heavily involved in design for several months and then be involved in other aspects of the business for several months. What I think will be the most valuable aspect of Alibre Design is I can sit down and pick up where I left off several months ago and be up to speed in a matter of hours. I find the intuitive user interface to be very important.

Using Alibre Design, I designed a small electro-optical sensor. I was concerned about how all the pieces would fit together and therefore modeled almost all of the parts from key electronic and optical components all the way to the machined and plastic components of the enclosure. I even modeled the Lexan graphic overlays and their adhesive since I had to provide drawings to our venor.

When the parts came back from our vendors, everything fit, just like the model. I'm not sure if our vendors or Alibre Design is more impressive, but I couldn't be happier."

ATTO Technology, Inc.

Chris Herkey, Mechanical Drafter/System Integrator

"I have been using a 2D/3D CAD package for the past few years but I had reached the limit as to what I could do with it. I generally do sheet metal design and the CAD tool didn't seem to be heading in a direction with mechanical design in mind. I was having problems communicating with customers and vendors because of file format mismatch and drawing clarification. I felt it was taking 2 - 3 times longer than it should to design and modify a design. All of this changed when I finally made the switch to a solid modeler, Alibre Design. The learning curve was very short and I can finally create and modify designs quickly and easily. What a relief! Thank you!"

Manufacturing Services, Inc.

Steve Allen, Project Engineer

"With traditional 2D MCAD, electronic packaging design is time consuming. Largely it's a drafting task instead of design.

With our, so far, limited Alibre Design experience, I can concentrate on the design rather than drafting. Design changes can be made quickly so it makes it possible to evaluate a number of different scenarios."

Bally Gaming

Frank Anderson, Slot Designer

"I was looking for a tool that could help me design parts for slot machines. I used AutoCAD and SolidWorks briefly; because I didn’t have the time to put into it to learn it efficiently I put it aside. Alibre Design has helped me tremendously in designing bracketry and light box assemblies. By exporting the parts to my vendor I can turn around a SLA in a week for review. Thanks Alibre team for your help and support."

NW Computer Engineering

Patrick Mullarky, Owner

Normally I use Alibre Design for PCB assembly drawings and chassis designs.

But, my avocation is model engineering.

Alibre Design let me design the engine from various part drawings and see if the parts would fit. There were quite a few adjustments necessary to get a "working model" from the various drawings.

The inner cylinders and pistons will rotate to show clearances.

I am currently machining the parts from the derived 2D drawings, and everything fits as designed so far!"

Mark Seale

Electro-Mechanical Engineer

"For some time I have been looking for an effective alternative to the Big Boy's in 3D Modeling. In the past 20 years I have rarely used many of the very high-end features the Big Boy's brag about.

Alibre Design is simple, easy to learn and just works, it's been the most profitable purchase I have made in years, and has given me a huge competitive edge over my competition."