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Industrial Stone Dryer

Industrial Equipment

Cincinnati Automation

Ford Jacobs, Design Engineer

"Alibre Design has quickly taken our company from the 2D design world into the 3D design world. This has facilitated a huge reduction in design time and greatly reduced design errors. It has also made a very big difference in our company’s image to our customers. With the ability to share our concepts and ideas with our customers using 3D images, our ability to understand and provide the customers exactly what they need has been very much improved. We are tapping into new market areas that we simply could not have competed in before we started using Alibre Design. I am very satisfied."

OmniTek vof

Wim Wagelaar, Director/Owner

"OmniTek was basically started in 1979 as a company which produced and developed glass instruments for laboratories and chemical industries. Because of a declining market we decided about 2 years ago to make a switch to developing and engineering complete automated measuring equipment for petrochemical and plastic industries.

We had already started with a low cost CAD software but it lacked the parametric and sheet metal functions. After a test period we decided to purchase Alibre Design Professional. The learning period was very short and the interface is pretty nice to work with.

We immediately started to completely redesign our automated viscosity equipment (see picture) in Alibre Design. This is an instrument with which the oil and lubricant manufacturers/suppliers can determine the oil viscosity with a high degree of accuracy and speed.

We were astonished about the functionality of Alibre Design and it gives us the opportunity to do our developing and engineering without investing $10,000- $20,000 or even more. we also appreciate the excellent data management.

In short, we are happy with Alibre Design. Keep the good work going!"

Auld Valves Ltd

Tom McLarnon, Design Engineer

"We are just a small company, but since purchasing Alibre Design last year we are now able to produce professional looking sales leaflets with 3D valve models on the front.

These models make the operation of our valves so much easier for our customers to follow and help immensely when discussing problems over the telephone.

The support from your headquarters has also been first class when I encountered a problem."

Keep up the good work!

Wheat Design Service

John Wheat, Owner

"I am a one-man consulting business and had been evaluating another product but the cost was just too prohibitive for my budget. When I found out about Alibre Design I could not believe the price. I downloaded the 30 day trial and within 10 days I was convinced it was a great deal and purchased Alibre Design Professional. Within one week of use, I was confident enough to commit a new design project to Alibre Design.

I continue to be amazed at the service I have received. Being from the Dallas area, I have had the opportunity to meet most of the people at Alibre and I am very encouraged by their professional attitude and dedication. I can, without hesitation, recommend Alibre Design to anyone."

Pheonix Scientific Inc.

Bruce Boston, Sr. Mechanical Engineer

"Phoenix Scientific Inc. specializes in high accuracy Laser Scanning Measurement Systems, and has a contract to develop a non-scanning "Macrotexture Laser Measurement" System with a sub-millimeter beam diameter to profile the texture of highway surfaces. The measurements will be used to characterize the pavement surface for vehicle tire breaking action and road noise. The primary design objectives are for the system to be low cost, provide high measurement precision, and operate at a data rate of at least 64,000 samples per second. In addition to highway surface measurements, the sensor will have industrial and manufacturing applications where a high data rate non-contact sensor can improve quality control or inspection processes.

Previous design work was done on a MAC CAD package that did not provide the necessary capabilities to rapidly design a Brassboard Test Assembly to verify the analysis that was being done by the Optical Design Engineer.

Alibre Design was selected as the CAD package to rapidly design a Brassboard Test Assembly and also generate a drawing package of the parts for machine shop fabrication. In addition, the Alibre Design graphics capabilities provided an easy way to exchange mechanical design ideas with the Optical Engineers, and also output graphic inputs to include with Progress Reports.

The Brassboard testing is going well, and has verified the Optical Design approach. Alibre Design is now being used to reconfigure the optical components into a compact prototype package in preparation for introducing the system into the market.

The model above shows the Brassboard test assembly with an aluminum plate breadboard, a laser electronics and diode sub-assembly (gold), output and receiver lens sub-assemblies (grey), and receiver electronics sub-assembly (olive green). 80 TPI adjustors (grey in blue mounting bases) were used to provide 6 degree-of-freedom alignment of the lens sub-assemblies as an alternate to purchasing translation stages for the test."