Enter Alibre’s New Year Design Contest

Design submission is now closed. Voting will commence in the next few days.

Grand Prize

All you need to make custom parts at home: a CNC machine that works with a wide range of materials along with a lifetime subscription to CNCCookbook’s awesome software that improves cutting speeds and tool life.

2nd Place

Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer
Alibre Coffee Mug
This 3D printer delivers professional quality 3D printing with fine layer resolution as low as 20 microns. With a heated build plate and print speeds up to 150 mm/second, you can have a lot of fun printing out your designs at home.

3rd Place

$250 USD Amazon Gift Card
Alibre Coffee Mug
Didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays? Alibre’s got you covered. Treat yourself on Amazon.com for $250 towards something cool, like a nice sweater.

Honorable Mention

Alibre T-Shirt and Coffee Mug

Honorable Mention

Alibre T-Shirt and Coffee Mug

Enter the Design Contest

By submitting a file you agree to the Contest Rules.
Submissions are now closed.
The following are acceptable submissions:

AD_PKG files (preferable)

Open your top level assembly, go to the Alibre Gem menu at the top left, select Package > Create Package.

.BIP (Keyshot Files)

Open the top level assembly, go to the Alibre Gem menu at the top left, select Export > Keyshot File (.BIP)

.ZIP files

.AD_PRT files

BMP, PNG, JPG files (not required if submitting a model)

By submitting your design, you agree to the contest rules.

Contest Rules

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How to Enter

1. Navigate to https://www.alibre.com/2018-design-contest
2. Read the Contest Rules
3. Upload the 3D model and any images using the form
4. No purchase is required to enter

How Alibre may use my submission

By submitting a design to the design contest, you grant Alibre, LLC an unlimited worldwide right to create images, screenshots, renders, videos, or other general imagery from your 3D models or submitted images to be used for marketing or promotional materials for Alibre, LLC.  Basically, we want to show off the cool things our customers are making. You do not grant Alibre, LLC a right to distribute your 3D model to any 3rd party – we will never give your 3D model out without your permission in writing.

Alibre will also add your 3D model to our internal test bank. This helps us to profile a wide range of 3D models for performance and other improvements.

What if I can’t submit my Alibre Design / Alibre Atom3D 3D model?

We understand that not everyone is in the position to submit a 3D model for a variety of reasons. One thing you could consider is submitting a Keyshot file instead, which contains the geometry but none of the CAD data. This allows us to use Keyshot to make renders. To create a Keyshot file, go to the Alibre Gem > Export > Keyshot File (*.BIP).

You can still enter the design contest by submitting an image of your design. If you enter the contest by submitting an image without a 3D model, you agree to work with Alibre to provide a suitable image or set of images for verification purposes and for the creation of marketing materials, if requested. For example, Alibre might request that you provide high resolution screenshots on a white background. Alibre may reach out to you after receiving your submission. Failure to meet this requirement may result in disqualification from the contest at the sole discretion of Alibre, LLC.

How a winner is chosen

1. After the submission period is over, Alibre will select the top 10 submissions at its sole discretion.

2. Alibre will create a forum post on www.alibreforum.com where registered users of Alibreforum.com can vote on their favorite submission for a period of 1 week after voting has opened. Users can vote on 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. In the event of a tie, Alibre will select the winners at its sole discretion.

3. Alibre will announce the winners on www.alibreforum.com and via the Alibre Newsletter.

4. Alibre will choose 2 honorable mention winners at its sole discretion.


Designs must be created or substantially created in Alibre Design or Alibre Atom3D software. No purchase is necessary to win, and purchasing will not increase your chances of winning. Different countries have different rules for contests. If you live in a country where this kind of contest or prize is not lawful, or where these rules and notices do not constitute lawful rules or notices, you are unfortunately ineligible.

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