Alibre Design 2019 SP2

Alibre Atom3D 2019 SP2

Some important things to know about this release:
This release addresses several 2D PDF, Print Preview, and Printing issues.
The old mechanism that let you choose your PDF driver has been reintroduced in System Options > Drawings > PDF.
The PDF method you choose affects all of the followingPrinting, 2D PDF publishing, and Print Preview

Most important options in this release

System Options > Drawings > PDF
If you enable the Use Built-In PDF Writer option, then Printing, Print Preview, and 2D PDF publishing will use the same mechanisms introduced in Alibre Design 2019. For some people, especially international customers, this causes some significant issues. As a result, this option is now defaulted to Unchecked.
If you instead choose a PDF writer by Unchecking the Use Built-In PDF Writer option and selecting a 3rd Party PDF writer from the list, then Printing, Print Preview, and 2D PDF publishing will use the older mechanisms that are well-established, high quality, and without the issues of the Built-In PDF writer. For this reason this option is now the default.

3rd party PDF writer options

Windows ships with a default PDF writer called Microsoft Print to PDF. You should be able to use any 3rd party PDF library you might have access to. The following 3rd party PDF writers are heavily used by our customers as well:
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