Manufacturing Drawings

Create perfect 2D documentation of your designs for manufacturing, patent, manuals, and more. 
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Always up to date

3D models are the source of truth - if they change the drawings update too.

Comprehensive Detailing

Confidently create any kind of detailing or views that may be required.

Standards Adherence

Create templates with company standards and apply them to drawings.

Keeping Drawings Updated

Drawings detect when changes have occurred and update themselves to ensure they reflect the current state of the model and its data, including all:
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Model geometry
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All drawing views
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Bill of materials
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Flat patterns
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Templating System

Use pre-built templates or create your own to adhere to your company standards. Control the sheet layout, dimension styles, default precision, appearance, and more to minimize tedious detailing tasks and reduce human error.

Project dynamic data into a template - any available design metadata or custom metadata - and it automatically populates the drawing too.

Comprehensive Detailing Suite

An arsenal of tools is available to communicate everything you need to about a model's requirements, including:
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Datum Target
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Surface Finish
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Feature Control Frame
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Bill of Materials
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Theoretical Intersection
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Edge Tolerance
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Hole & Thread Callouts
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Callout Ballons
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Using Metadata

Use default metadata or create your own custom metadata in 3D models. Then create templates that contain fields for the metadata. When you create a drawing, the fields are populated automatically, and they update if the data changes in the 3D model.

Metadata can be used anywhere on a drawing, including title blocks.

Create End-User Instructions

With exploded views, notes, and callouts, you can create multi-page manuals suitable for step-by-step assembly, servicing, or manufacturing instructions. 

Output Profiles for Machining

Output clean profiles into other systems for CNC, laser/plasma cutting, engraving - any profile-driven process.

Drawing Views

Everything you need to communicate with clarity.


Show the model in an exploded state.


Show the cut along the section plane. 

Aligned Section

Show the cut along multiple section planes.

Removed Section

Show 0-thickness slices of a model.

Broken-out Section

Peer through parts of the model.


Show the model at an angle.


Show a portion of the model at a larger scale.


Remove detail between areas of a model.


Focus on one part of a model.
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