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Why Publishing is Important

Not everyone has CAD software or expertise. Everyone can open a PDF. Publishing regular 2D drawings or interactive 3D PDFs that anyone can use gets you feedback fast without headaches.

Publishing Overview Video

Turn 2D documents or 3D models into PDF files anyone can interact with.

Regular parts, assemblies, exploded views, and drawings can all be published.

Use Cases


Create documentation archives with complete production drawings.


Share the design status with stakeholders to get approval.


Create documentation for patent applications.


Create documents with steps for assembly.


Rip vector graphics from PDFs for use in other materials.


Perform design reviews with distributed teams.


Use built-in templates for publishing many types of content. Basic content like cover pages can be made alongside various layouts for 3D content right in the PDF. 

Publish exploded views with interactive steps.

2D PDF publishing

One-click publish 2D drawings to beautiful 2D PDFs ready for sharing, printing, or archiving. Create 2D 

3D PDF publishing

Create interactive, shareable 3D PDF files that allow anyone to rotate, pan, and zoom on the design as well as add section views. Show interactive exploded view steps.

Create Package Files

Sharing CAD files can be a challenge. With the Alibre Package file, you can roll up the entire design, drawings, BOMs, and more into a single file to send to stakeholders to open in Alibre software. Also perfect for archiving.
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