Automate with Python

Why Scripting Matters

Speed and consistency is key to your business' success. Certain kinds of problems are best suited to be solved with code - problems where repetitive or tedious tasks can be automated. Use Alibre Script to create geometry, organize data, or even interface with 3rd party data sources.

Scripting Overview Video

Alibre Script inherits all the power of the Python scripting language.

With it you can create or automate just about anything.

Use Cases

Use Alibre Script to achieve just about anything in Alibre Design.

Create and Modify Models

Repetitive modeling tasks can transferred into Alibre Script and run at the click of a button.

Access & Use Data Sources

Access many third party data sources like Excel, CSV, Access, SQL, web data, or manually entered data. Use this data to drive geometry. 

Build in Logic

Code simple or exotic design logic based on what a user has chosen in previous steps. "If diameter is between 6 and 9, holecount = 10," for example.

Achieve Difficult Geometry

Some geometry is really math intensive, like creating nodes for a geodesic dome. It can be much easier to generate this geometry using code.

Create a User Interface

Easily create graphical user interfaces right in Alibre Script that allow you or someone else to input data, select from dropdowns, and more. The options can drive script behavior.

Make Design Generators

Combine a user interface and design rules to quickly create variants of models for customization or efficiency.

Create Geometry

Modeling features from sketch creation to feature generation can be achieved in code. 

Combine with data sources or user interfaces to make powerful geometry creation engines.

Data sources

Use all the data processing power of Python to access, analyze, and consume data from a variety of sources.

This data can be used to drive script behavior.


Speed up tasks like:
Convert every part in an assembly to STL and put them all in a new directory.
Output a list of all materials used by all parts in an assembly.
Mass update metadata for all files in an assembly.

Math-driven Geometry

Create geometry programmatically that would otherwise be difficult or time consuming. In this example, a script creates 3D points corresponding to nodes of a geodesic polyhedron - we'll use them as references to create supports for the geodesic dome.
See script example >

User Interaces

Easily create a front end for your code that enables you to interact with the script faster and more predictably. User interfaces are just a few lines of code and also enable others to use your code more easily.

Protected Code

Protect scripts you create so that the source code is not visible or editable. Great for ensuring the integrity of code across users stays in tact when scripts are run, as well as protecting your IP.