Precise 3D CAD Modeling

Industry standard feature-based modeling for all your product development projects. Design freely, revise easily.
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Parametric Modeling

Create dynamic and precise representations of your entire product - a virtual twin

Great Sketching

Sketching takes most of the time in a model. You'll love our sketching environment.

3D Features

All the tools you need to create precise 3D models for your projects.

Real-time Feedback

See what will happen before pressing go. You'll always know what you're going to get.

Variant Management

House similar part definitions in one file and easily switch between them when needed.

Surface Manipulation

Import surface models from other applications and convert them to solids, trim, and more.


Drag section views around to look inside the model, see model threads, and more.


Find physical properties of the model like surface area or display the center of mass.


Everything is data-driven, and you can import data from other sources like Excel.

Capable of any level of complexity

Easily capture requirements for any kind of manufacturable design.

A Comprehensive 3D Toolset

Whatever your idea, you can make it in Alibre Design.

Extrude Boss

Pulls a sketch in a direction, adding material.

Extrude Cut

Pulls a sketch in a direction, removing material.

Revolve Boss

Pulls a sketch around an axis, adding material.

Revolve Cut

Pulls a sketch around an axis, removing material.

Sweep Boss

Pulls a sketch along a curve, adding material.

Sweep Cut

Pulls a sketch along a curve, removing material.

Loft Boss

Creates a smooth transition between sketches, adding material.

Loft Cut

Creates a smooth transition between sketches, removing material.

Helical Boss

Pulls a sketch along a helix, adding material.

Helical Cut

Pulls a sketch along a helix, removing material.


Creates smooth transitions between model faces and can be variable radius.


Breaks sharp edges between faces.

Vertex Chamfer

Breaks sharp corners.


Modifies existing geometry to include a draft angle.


Hollows out existing geometry to a specified wall thickness.


Wraps a sketch around geometry and creates an emboss or deboss.


Projects a sketch onto geometry and creates an emboess or deboss.


Creates a hole with optional threads pulled from an expansive data table.

External Thread

Creates a threaded rod with thread definitions pulled from an expansive data table.


Copies geometry across a mirror plane.

Linear Pattern

Copies geometry in one or two linear directions.

Circular Pattern

Copies geometry around a center point.

Path Pattern

Copies geometry along a curve.

Direct Face Editing

Various tools to directly manipulate geometry, such as remove face, change face radius, or translate face.


Add, subtract, or find the intersection of multiple models. Great for mold design.

Face Color

Assigns face colors to models. Great for visualization and rendering.


Bring images into a part modeling workspace as references and trace sketches over them.


Scale an entire part.

Insert Surface

Insert a surface model from another program.

Move Surface

Move a surface around the workspace.

Scale Surface

Make a surface larger or smaller.

Split Surface

Splits a surface into multiple surfaces.

Trim Surface

Deletes part of a surface based on its intersection with another surface.

Stitch Surface

Combines multiple surfaces together.

Thicken Surface

Gives thickness to a surface, creating a solid model.

Convert to Surface

Converts a 3D model into a surface model.

Create from Face

Creates a surface from a specific model face.

Delete Face

Deletes a model face, converting the rest of the model into a surface model.

Trim Model

Deletes part of a 3D model based on its intersection with a surface.

Realtime 3D Previews

Visualize the results of every option during feature creation prior to committing the feature. Reduce the editing cycle by ensuring it's right the first time. Implemented product wide.

Working With Surfaces

Import surface models from other applications like Rhino and use them as references or as part of modeling operations such as trimming a solid.

Analysis & Measurement

Various analysis tools allow you to interrogate a 3D model for its physical properties like center of mass or volume. Get a better look at hard to see areas of the geometry or create sketches of cross sections with the various section view tools.

Review & Redlines

Facilitate review cycles by adding redlines and text to models. Making a redline active orients the model correctly and exposes the callouts.
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