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The Basics

What's the Cube 3D printer?

The Cube 3D printer is a 3D printer for everyone - it's super easy to use, and helps you turn your ideas into real stuff you can hold, like toys and jewelry and mugs.

How does it do that?

The Cube prints in 3D... which means that instead of putting ink onto a flat surface like regular printing, it builds up material in three dimensions to create a real object. It melts plastic filament, then draws with it in a very fine layer. It then builds another fine layer of plastic on top of this one, and then another, and another, building your idea in slices from the bottom up until you have a plastic object ready to hold. Think of it like dispensing frozen yogurt from a machine: you can build up your cone to be pretty big! 3D printing on a Cube is like that, only lets you make way cooler shapes with more detail, and isn't edible.

What can I make?

As long as the piece fits into the Cube print area, you're limited only by your imagination! We've seen people make earrings, robots, planes, mugs, doorknobs, dog toys, dog tags, real shoes, phone cases, floating bath toys, napkin rings, Androids, linked bracelets, chess pieces, cathedrals (very small ones though), gnomes.... and much much more! Any piece will start as a 3D model, which is then printed by the Cube. You can see examples on

What colors can I use?

The cartridges that work with the Cube come in 16 different colors: white, magenta, red, orange, tan, yellow, green, neon green, blue, and black. You can use one color at a time while printing on a Cube. If you want your creation to be multicolored, you can either print it in separate pieces and attach them together later, or we can print it for you on a different machine with our Cloud Printing service. You cannot swap the cartridge in the middle of a print.

What material does the Cube use?

The Cube prints two types of materials. A special type of ABS plastic and PLA plastic. It's safe and can be recycled, and if your piece is thick enough, it's also dishwasher-ready!

What is the difference between ABS and PLA Plastic?

ABS and PLA are both plastic materials. Our PLA plastic is specially formulated to be compostable or biodegradable while our ABS is recyclable. Customers may use either one on the new Cube.

What are the different Print Modes?

The print modes determine how much plastic is used to make the part. This also will dictate how long the part will take to build. For appearance models use the hollow mode. In general, this will build the part most quickly and use the least material. For more structural parts use the solid mode. Strong parts are the best combination between part strength, build time, and the amount of material used.

What is the CubeStick?

This material is a safe, non-toxic substance we invented to help build the best quality parts possible. Our specially formulated material helps hold the part you print to the print plate during printing. After printing, it easily dissolves away by simply soaking the part and print plate in warm water.

How big a piece can I make?

If it can fit within a 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5" space (140mm x 140mm x 140mm), the Cube can print it. If you want your creation to be multicolored, you can either print it in separate pieces and attach them together later, or we can print it for you on a different machine with our Cloud Printing service. You cannot swap the cartridge in the middle of a print.

How do I get started making stuff?

The Cube comes with 25 free 3D models for you to print. You can find more 3D things to print in the Cubify Store, or you can design your own 3D models using software like Alibre Design Personal Edition. You can also use other 3D modeling software tools to create your own STL models for printing. Once you have a model, the Cubify software will turn it into a file that the Cube can read.

How do I get a file to my Cube for printing?

You can send a file to your Cube via Wi-Fi, or by transferring it using a USB stick.

What's up with the cartridges?

Our cartridges are filled with our custom ABS plastic, , or PLA Plastic, with 16 color options, and are designed to work with the Cube. Switching them out is a breeze - they snap right in. The Cube can also tell you how much material you have left, and won't let you start to print a creation if you don't have enough material to finish it, to avoid waste. You can print about 13 to 15 cell phone cases (or creations of similar size) from a single cartridge. You can get a discount when you get a pack of cartridges together.

How long does it take to print a creation?

The print time is proportional to the size and complexity of the creation. An average smartphone case will take about 2 hours to print.

Where can I buy a Cube?

Please contact our sales team at or call 877-525-4273.

How long until I get my Cube?

Cubes are currently shipping the next business day after your order is placed. All Cubes ship via FedEx and generally take about 3 additional business days to deliver in the USA or 5 additional business days internationally.

What's the warranty?

There's a 90 day warranty for parts and labor. Contact if you have any issues or questions.

What's the return policy?

We don't provide refunds on Cube printers once they're shipped. If you encounter any issues with your printer, we are happy to repair it for free during the warranty period.


Which files can the Cube print?

The Cube can directly print .cube files. The Cube software, which comes with the Cube, can convert .stl and .creation files into .cube files. Most CAD software (like Solidworks, ProE, Catia, Alibre, and Rhino) can create .stl files. .Obj files from Maya and ZBrush will need to be converted to .stl files first. There is no limit on the file size, but generally anything over 500MB would be considered really large.

What does the Cube software do? Does it help me design things to print?

The Cube software lets you prep an existing 3D model for printing on the Cube. It lets you orient it, scale it, add supports to it if needed, and then turns the model into a .cube file that the Cube can print. If you're looking for separate design software, check out Alibre Design Personal Edition.

What operating systems does the Cubify software run on?

The Cube software works on both Windows and Mac OSX.

How accurate is the Cube?

Accuracy of the print is largely dependent on the geometry and orientation. Typical tolerances are around +/-0.5% over the length of the PrintPad. If you need more accuracy, you can scale your file in your design software to account for the variance. There are no guaranteed tolerances on the Cube printer.

How thick are the layers on the printed creations?

0.010", or 0.25mm

Does the Cube need separate support material?

Nope. Supports are built with the same plastic as the print. The Cube software will add the needed supports for you in a way that will both minimize material and be easily removable after printing. Cube supports can be popped off without tools.

Where can I find the manufacturer's safety data sheets?

Click here to download a zip file.