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Rapman 3.2 Overview

A perfect machine for students, educators and hobbyists alike.

Who is RapMan for?

If you're an amateur inventor, designer or arts and crafts enthusiast, the Rapman 3.2 3D printer kit will build the things you have always wanted to make, including your very own 3D printer.

An affordable, build-it-yourself option, the Rapman 3.2 is ideal for anyone with a passion for design and engineering!

What can RapMan do?

The RapMan 3d Printer kit:

  • Allows you to design and produce parts quickly and economically
  • Revolutionizes home production of prototypes and working parts
  • Enables a much wider range of solutions than traditional production techniques would allow

Components of the RapMan System

The Rapman 3.2 3D Printer Kit

The kit - a cost effective solution that is easily assembled within a few days with a comprehensive step-by-step picture and text manual, complemented by an on-screen animated 3D guide. Best of all, the RapMan is designed to be easily maintained by you, the end-user, so there are no costly maintenance contracts needed to keep you up and printing.

Print Material

The "ink" - polymer rolls in a variety of colors and material types ranging from ABS plastic to Poly Vinyl Chloride.


Alibre Design Personal 3D CAD software

With the purchase of your RapMan package you will get a copy of Alibre Design Personal 3D CAD software, part of the Alibre flagship product suite. Includes 3D design, basic 2D documentation, and export options to your 3D printer.