FEA Add-Ons

Virtual Testing

What is FEA?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) performs various kinds of testing on 3D models such as stress, strain, heat conduction, and more.

FEMdesigner Ltd.

FEMdesigner AD adds fully integrated FEA simulation to Alibre Design, including elasticity, assembly contact, plasticity, heat transfer (steady-state & transient), modal, dynamic, buckling and thermal stress analyses.

All meshing, loading, solving and viewing of results is done directly on the Alibre Design model using Alibre Design controls to substantially ease the iterative design loop between model and analysis. Default meshing gives quality results but there is also the local mesh control needed for more rigorous design work.

Priced at a level that everyone can justify, FEMdesigner AD for Alibre Design finally puts quality analysis within every budget.

Design Simulation Technologies

SimWise is a family of products that bring advanced engineering simulation to users of Alibre Design. The family consists of SimWise Motion, SimWise FEA and SimWise 4D. All the products are integrated with Alibre Design via an Alibre add-in that transfers geometry and assembly constraints to SimWise in an associative manner.

SimWise FEA performs Finite Element Analysis on Alibre Design parts and assemblies. It supports the following analyses: linear static, steady state and transient thermal, modal, buckling and combined thermal/structural. Adaptive FEA meshing provides local mesh refinement in areas of high stress gradients, producing accurate results with minimal input.

SimWise 4D combines Motion and FEA into one comprehensive package. It provides all the simulation capabilities of SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA but also performs stress analysis on the moving dynamic model allowing the effects of dynamics loading to be captured in the FEA model.
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