Alibre Design 2019
Available now. Here are the highlights. See the full list here.
Totally New Import/Export
Every format has a brand new engine that beats the pants
off previous versions. Accurate, fast, and robust as heck.
STEP 242, NX, and JT has been added.
Beautiful graphics
An absolute pleasure to work with. Enjoy elegant realism,
professional visuals, and crisp text everywhere.
Illustration Mode
Create stunning views for documentation right in the 3D model.
Visual Styles
Reflections, shadows, and realism. You'll never go back.
Crush the benchmarks
Exceptional interaction performance on huge models. 
Now uses all the power of your graphics card.
Tons of new performance options.
Real-time Sections
Gain new perspective instantly with real-time,
draggable section views - up to 3 at a time.
Realtime Weights (Beta)
Line weights are now shown in real time for
more productive and predictable work.
Integrated PDF Publish
High quality 2D PDF publishing built right
in, no 3rd party software needed.
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