Alibre Design 2017

Release Notes – July 2017

Alibre Design 2017 is the first release of the software after it was acquired from 3D Systems.

Important: Please visit the Alibre Design Acquisition FAQ for important information related to add-ons, licensing, support, and other information.


A new licensing mechanism has been installed in the software.

If you are migrating from Geomagic Design, your license key for Alibre Design will be the same key you use for Geomagic Design today. If you cannot locate your license key, please contact your reseller or and we will assist you.

Various license types are available today, and more are on the way. For more information, please visit our Licensing Page.


Alibre, LLC, Alibre Design, and related names have replaced their 3D Systems Corporation equivalents throughout the product.

Removed from the product

The following items have been removed from Alibre Design in this version:

  • 3D Systems TeamPlatform integration (deprecated)
  • 3D Systems Cubify Cloud Print integration (deprecated)
  • 3D Systems Sense integration
    • Mesh files from any source can still be imported via the Mesh Import feature

Fixes in this release

The following dialogs had broken context-sensitive help that has been corrected:

  • Home Window > Help > About > License Status
  • Create Custom Symbol
  • Insert Custom Symbol
  • Print (3D Workspaces)
  • Replace Assembly Component
  • Reproject Views
  • 3D PDF Publishing wizard – various pages

Add-on Changes

Keyshot for Alibre Design
This release will require a new version of Keyshot to be installed to function properly. If you have a paid version of Keyshot purchased directly from Luxion, you do not need to install this version. Download Keyshot for Alibre Design 2017 from the Downloads page.

Dynamics and Simulate
Previous versions of Dynamics and Simulate from Design Simulation Technologies (DST) will be unable to run on Alibre Design 2017. A new compatible version of Dynamics and Simulate is available and requires a separate license key from DST to run. To learn about acquiring a license key and the new installer, please reference the FAQ section: “Information about add-ons” near the end.

A new version of AlibreCAM is coming from MecSoft Corporation within a few weeks of the launch of Alibre Design 2017. For more information, please contact MecSoft at for sales, upgrades, and support.