Frequently asked questions related to Alibre, LLC’s
acquisition of Geomagic Design

A note to customers just seeing this recently

This page was created in early 2017. You may have either not received or did not see the announcement. In either case, if you have any questions about anything in this FAQ or are unsure of how this affects you, please reach out to us at hello@alibre.com or your local reseller and we will be happy to explain and walk you through any concerns you may have.

A letter from the CEO

Dear valued customer,

I am thrilled to announce that Alibre Design (formerly Geomagic Design) is now owned by Alibre, LLC, a new company formed and owned by ex-Alibre employees. We hope you are as excited as we are about the possibilities for the product and its customers moving forward.

Prior to the acquisition of Alibre, Inc. by 3D Systems, we had the autonomy and focus necessary to put you first, to actively participate in discussions with our customers, and to drive the product ever forward. Our team had passion and the authority to act on it. We formed Alibre, LLC and acquired Geomagic Design because we wanted to return to that environment. We strongly believe in the product, in our vision, and in our customers’ desire to change the world for the better. It is our pleasure to serve you again.

From the feedback we’ve received so far, it looks like many of you are as enthusiastic about this as we are. Some of you bought the product after it was rebranded to Geomagic Design. To those customers who may not have had the chance to work with the old Alibre team, we look forward to demonstrating that Alibre, LLC and the people behind it have a genuine interest in being the best CAD company you have ever worked with.

Now that we have launched, we will begin a comprehensive review of bugs and enhancement requests. With input from our customers, we will begin to prioritize our development trajectory.

We are excited for the future, and we hope that you will join us. A lot of discussion is happening on the Alibre Forum – if it’s been a while, or if you’ve never signed up, drop in and say hi.

Best regards,

Max Freeman
CEO | Alibre, LLC

Important dates

June 26, 2018
3D Systems will terminate licensing support for Geomagic Design products. Geomagic Design products will no longer function. Please view more information in the Information about Licensing section.

General information about the acquisition

What is Alibre, LLC?
Alibre, LLC was formed by former Alibre, Inc. employees who came together to restart the Alibre Design product line. Many members of the original team are back, including sales, development, quality assurance, marketing, and support. The team is excited to get back to the rewarding work of helping to empower engineers, hobbyists, startups, and small businesses in their quest to change the world through the design and manufacturing of amazing products.

The Alibre, LLC executive management team includes:
– Max Freeman, CEO – formerly Alibre Inc. VP Marketing & Product and General Manager
– Ashok Srinivasan, CTO – formerly Alibre Inc. VP of Development
– Jonathan Pace, COO, formerly Alibre Inc. VP – Global Sales
I've never heard of Alibre - I bought from 3D Systems directly. What should I expect?
The passionate people at Alibre Inc. helped to develop the Alibre Design product line for nearly 15 years prior to the 3D Systems acquisition in 2011. After its acquisition by 3D Systems, Alibre Design was rebranded to Geomagic Design.

Alibre, LLC is made up of the people that originally developed and supported Alibre Design prior to its acquisition by 3D Systems. Our new company is dedicated to this product only, as well as exclusively servicing the needs of the Alibre Design customer base. We are excited to earn your business and trust. You should expect from us what we strive to give all our customers: honesty, responsiveness, understanding, flexibility, and great CAD software.
How do I get in contact with Alibre, LLC?
Customers who are not on active maintenance but who have Geomagic Design 15.1.1 are eligible for a free upgrade. Those customers should email hello@alibre.com.

Why did 3D Systems Corporation sell Geomagic Design to Alibre, LLC?
The Geomagic Design product line no longer fits with the strategy of 3D Systems. 3D Systems wanted to ensure the continued development and support of the product, and decided that the passionate team at Alibre, LLC would be the right home for the product and customers.
Am I an Alibre customer or a Geomagic/3D Systems customer now?
With regards to Alibre/Geomagic Design, you are now a customer of Alibre, LLC. This means you will contact Alibre, LLC for any questions related to sales, customer support, maintenance, etc. 3D Systems no longer sells or supports Geomagic Design, except for time-limited licensing support ending 6/26/2018 for legacy Geomagic Design products.

If you own 3D Systems products other than Geomagic Design, then you should still contact 3D Systems for those products.
Why is this good for Alibre/Geomagic Design customers?
With its large product portfolio, 3D Systems has to perform a complex prioritization of resources. With new ownership, Alibre Design (formerly Geomagic Design) will enjoy 100% of the energy of Alibre, LLC, which is focused exclusively on the needs of the Alibre Design customer base. Most notable to customers will be improvements in development and customer support, as well as increased communication and direct access to people that can help you reach your goals.

General information about the acquisition

Is Geomagic Design being rebranded to another name?
Yes. Moving forward, the product will be known as Alibre Design.
Is Alibre Design exactly the same as Geomagic Design?
For the most part, yes. A few things have been removed, including:
- Integration with 3D Systems’ deprecated Team Platform functionality
- Integration with 3D Systems’ deprecated Cubify Cloud Printing functionality
- Integration with 3D Systems’ Sense scanner

Please see the add-on section below for other details related to this question.
Will my computer need to be connected to the Internet each time I run the new Alibre Design?
That depends on the license type you have.

Node Locked – Almost all customers will have a Node Locked license. Node lock licenses will not start if there is no Internet access and you have not connected to the Internet for around 4 weeks prior to the start of the product. Every time you connect, the 4 weeks is reset. This means you can go quite a while without needing Internet access to start the product, and that you can freely travel, work offline, etc. for about a month at a time before the product will not launch.

Concurrent – Concurrent Licenses are designed to automatically grab an available license when you start the software and release it when you are done. As a result, Internet access is required to start the software and should be available when the software is closed. If the Internet is not available when the software is closed, the license will eventually be returned for you automatically.

Offline License – Offline licenses are intended for high-security dark site development environments where Internet access is not permitted.
If there is an issue with Alibre Design, can I roll back to Geomagic Design?
Yes, Geomagic Design’s licensing system, which 3D Systems owns, will remain active until 6/26/2018. Until that point, you can uninstall Alibre Design, reinstall Geomagic Design, and license the product with your legacy 3D Systems license key.
Can I have Geomagic Design and Alibre Design installed simultaneously?
No, this is not supported.
Is there forward/backward file compatibility between Alibre Design 2017 and Geomagic Design?
Alibre Design 2017 will open any file generated from legacy Geomagic Design or legacy Alibre Design software.
There is limited forward compatibility – Geomagic Design 2015.1.1 and some earlier versions of Geomagic Design will open files generated in Alibre Design 2017.

General information about the acquisition

Who gets Alibre Design 2017 for free?
You get Alibre Design 2017 for free if either of the following are true:
 - You have an active maintenance subscription and/or
 - The version of Geomagic Design that you have currently is 2015.1.1, the latest version of Geomagic Design.

To check your version, open Geomagic Design and go to Home Window > Help > About
What type of product license will I have with Alibre, LLC?
Almost all former Geomagic Design customers will get a Node Lock License, which is similar to what you have with Geomagic Design.

If you currently have a Network License you will be given a Concurrent License. A Concurrent License is similar to a Network License except it requires the Internet to operate. Currently, Alibre Design does not offer a local licensing server. We realize this will not meet the needs of everyone that currently uses a Network License with a local licensing server and apologize for the inconvenience – if it does not meet your needs, please stay on Geomagic Design for the time being. We are evaluating the implementation of a local license server and may include it in a future release.

Our license transition has been smooth, but it is possible that for some customers the correct licensing may not transfer. If this is the case, please contact us at hello@alibre.com and we will be happy to make it right.
Will my legacy Geomagic Design license work forever?
No. 3D Systems will provide licensing support until 6/26/2018 for Geomagic Design, which uses a different licensing mechanism than the new Alibre Design. After that period, the Geomagic Design product line will not be able to be licensed or run.
Customers will need to switch to Alibre Design at some point before 6/26/2018 if continued use is desired.
Will Alibre Design support physical dongles?
No, Alibre Design will not support hardware dongles. If you need to be able to license the software in a location or setup with no Internet access, then you will need to move to an Offline License. Please contact your reseller or Alibre to migrate.
I occasionally move my legacy Geomagic Design license between computers - can I still do that?
Yes, 3D Systems’ Flexera licensing system, which Geomagic Design uses, will continue to operate until 6/26/2018. Until that point, you should be able to use Geomagic Design as you always have. Customers that migrate to Alibre Design 2017 will have the same capability moving forward.
I'm in the middle of a big project - do I need to do anything right now, or can I wait?
You do not need to do anything immediately and have many months before anything is required. However, please be aware of the date described in the Will my Geomagic Design license work forever? section.

Information about accounts, support, and maintenance

I have a 3D Systems account to manage my subscriptions and support. Do I need to open an account with Alibre, LLC?
No, your account information has been transferred to Alibre already.
I stopped paying maintenance to 3D Systems. Will you penalize me when I get back on maintenance with Alibre?
No. Customers that are not on active subscription typically are charged a small extra fee when they get back on maintenance. However, we are waiving this fee for a long period of time. Please contact us for details.
What happens to my maintenance subscription with with 3D Systems?
Your existing maintenance subscription for Geomagic Design is still valid and entitles you to product updates and customer support. Alibre, LLC has the details of your maintenance contract and will be servicing it instead of 3D Systems. You should contact Alibre, LLC for all questions related to Alibre Design and legacy Geomagic Design versions.
Do I contact Alibre or 3D Systems to get support for my legacy Geomagic Design product?
Please contact Alibre for all support questions moving forward. For all licensing questions related to Alibre Design or Geomagic Design, please contact Alibre. It is possible that your version of Geomagic Design is licensed through 3D Systems’ licensing mechanism – if that is the case we will contact 3D Systems on your behalf to resolve your issue.

Information about accounts, support, and maintenance

Will my add-ons continue to work?
Most add-ons should continue to work, however you may have action items based on the add-ons you use.
Keyshot – For the version of Keyshot that comes with Alibre Design, you will need to install a new version of Keyshot from Alibre, LLC. If you have purchased a license of Keyshot from Luxion, then you can continue to use that software.

Legacy M-Files / Vault – Existing installations of the Alibre / Geomagic Vault should continue to work on Alibre Design 2017.

DST (Motion/FEA) – Please see the separate FAQ question below – “What do I need to know about Simulate and Dynamics”

Alibre CAM – Alibre CAM from years ago will not work correctly inside Alibre Design 2017. However, MecSoft Corporation, the developers of AlibreCAM (the new name of Alibre CAM), is preparing a version that will work. For more information please contact MecSoft directly at www.mecsoft.com.

MoI – Moment of Inspiration is not tightly integrated with Alibre Design, and you can continue to use it alongside Alibre Design 2017.
Will Alibre, LLC still include add-ons with Alibre Design sales or maintenance?
Generally speaking, the answer is no. In the past, several add-ons have been included with the software. Moving forward, Alibre, LLC is focusing exclusively on improving the core features of Alibre Design. Alibre Design will continue to be a platform for add-on developers, and we will continue to have relationships with them to ensure their success.

Alibre, LLC will not support or sell most add-ons moving forward, nor will updates to add-ons be included in Alibre Design yearly maintenance. Instead, you will need to make any add-on purchases and get support directly from the add-on provider. This allows us to focus our resources on improving what matters most – Alibre Design – as well as ensures you receive the highest quality support for specialized add-ons that need unique domain expertise.

One exception to this is the Keyshot product line that provides rendering capabilities. Keyshot will still be included in Alibre Design, and you will continue to receive Keyshot updates and support included for free with your Alibre Design maintenance subscription.
What do I need to know about Simulate and Dynamics?
Previous versions of products from Design Simulation Technologies (DST) (www.design-simulation.com) will not function on Alibre Design 2017. Alibre, LLC no longer includes DST products in Alibre Design, and you will need to get updates from DST directly. DST has a version available that is compatible with Alibre Design 2017.

Customers on Alibre/Geomagic maintenance on the day of July 2, 2017:

If you have a DST product currently, you are entitled to a free upgrade to the newest version of your DST product which has new features and will work on Alibre Design 2017. In order to get access to this product, you must request it by August 31, 2017. To request access, email support@alibre.com and we will send your information to DST. DST will then email you directly with a link to the new installers, as well as your new license code. As of that point, all support and sales communications related to these products should take place directly with DST – Alibre will be unable to provide assistance for these products. Any maintenance you may buy from Alibre, LLC will not entitle you to support or updates from DST. If you would like to receive updates and support for these products moving forward, you must buy maintenance for them directly from DST.

Customers who have lapsed Alibre/Geomagic maintenance on the day of July 2, 2017:

In order to get the upgrade to new DST products that contain new features and compatibility with Alibre Design 2017, you will need to purchase maintenance from DST directly. To initiate this process, please contact support@alibre.com and we will forward your information to DST. DST will then contact you. As of that point, all support and sales communications related to these products should take place directly with DST – Alibre will be unable to provide assistance for these products.

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