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Alibre Design 2019 Alpha Basic Info

This Alpha is invite only. Please do not distribute without asking Alibre, LLC.

Download Alibre Design 2019 Alpha

Current Version: 20027
Download the Alpha
License Key:   Alibre-2019-Prerelease

Switch Between Old and New Display

You can switch between the old display and new display. This is done with the Windows Registry.
Download Registry Files
Unzip the download and you will have 2 files. To switch, double click the desired file and add it to your registry. Restart Alibre Design for the changes to take effect.

How to tell which you are using

If you are not sure, look at the Triad in a 3D model:
Using Old Display
Using New Display

Not currently in the Alpha:

Visual styles are not in the alpha. Ambient occlusion, reflections, shadows, etc.

The purpose of the alpha is DISPLAY TESTING. We are looking for things that look wrong, out of place, strange. Please focus your testing on the visual things you see.

Focus testing on these things:

Alibre Design 2019 has a new display pipeline for 2D and 3D that includes drawings, sketching, and 3D workspaces. Everything in the product that is visible, in 3D workspaces and in 2D workspaces, has been redone:

  • Text and annotations such as text notes, dimensions, feature control frames, callouts, labels, etc. that are displayed on the graphics window (canvas)
  • Content in 2d-drawings such as drawing views including  standard,  detailed, partial, broken and various section views both in ‘Standard’ and ‘Draft’ modes
  • All kinds of sketch figures during sketching, as well as constraint symbols and sketch dimensions
  • Shaded display of 3D models and their view manipulation such as rotate/pan/zoom etc.
  • Rollover and selection of items on the screen, including faces, edges, sketch figures, dimensions, text, annotations, etc.
  • Preview display of graphical figures during various operations that create or edit features, constraints, sketch geometry, various patterning operations in all 3D and 2D workspaces

How to test the Alpha

Suggestions for testing 2D drawings:

  1. Select several existing 2D drawings, the more complex the better
  2. Open these drawings in Alibre Design 2019 and visually check if you notice anything that is unexpected or incorrect
  3. Spend a few to several minutes as needed with each drawing inspecting various drawing views followed by editing section views, changing scales, layers, dimensions and annotations etc.
  4. Keep several drawings workspaces open at the same time as you inspect them. You may choose to close one or more of them after you have more than 4 or 5 open
  5. We recommend you switch to “legacy DirectX 9 display pipeline” to compare the display of the drawings in 2019 – do this for sure if you are not 100% sure that everything looks perfect
    (remember to restart AD when switching the display pipeline)
  6. Note any aberrations to report to us with screenshots of the differences, if applicable
Example Bug Report
This is the kind of thing you may see. "Things look broken or different than 2018" - this is what we want you to help us find.

Suggestions for testing 3D:

  1. Open several part, assembly, and sheet metal workspaces. Big models, small models, a good variety.
  2. Visually check if you notice anything that is unexpected or incorrect
  3. Edit the models, features, sketches. Create 3D section views, exploded views - anything that causes the model to change. Look for strange things.
  4. Spending on average 20 to 30 minutes on each workspace
  5. Keep several models open at the same time as you inspect them. You may choose to close one or more of them after you have more than 6 to 8 open
  6. If you are not sure if something is a problem, close Alibre Design and switch to the Old Display using the registry (remember to restart AD). Open the model and try it again - see if it is the same or different.
  7. Report all strange things to Alibre with screenshots and models, if possible.
A list of known Issues (not complete)
  1. Extra lines seen on some toroidal faces
  2. PDF publishing is work in progress
  3. 2d-drawing print/print-preview does not work
  4. Picking edges when rolling over tangent edges
  5. Redlines and annotations in Design have issues
  6. B-spline curve control point handles disappear while editing curve
  7. 2d-drawing views in 'Draft' mode not working correctly when parts are transparent
  8. Zooming in/out 2d drawing views causes drawing view drag handle to get disassociated
  9. Issues with text alignment and word wrap in BOM table and notes
  10. Drawing dimension text can fade in and out during zoom

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