3D Assembly Modeling

From small to huge

Create basic assemblies or go big with fully defined and documented models containing thousands of parts.

Easy constraints

Quickly define relationships between parts using a variety of constraints to build your design.

Mirror and pattern

Leverage patterns for repetitive tasks like fastener insertion or even core design components. Create mirror features that result in other-handed versions of parts or assemblies.
Available in:

Boolean design

Combine several parts into a single body, subtract a model from a blank to create a mold, and more.
Available in:

Replace components

Replace a component with another automatically with options to skip instances.
Available in:
  • 3 connectors must be replaced with new versions
  • A single command replaces all 3 with a different component

Exploded views

Make exploded views for documentation and even interactive assembly/disassembly guides using 3D PDF.

Assembly-level features

Create cuts or holes through several parts at once, ensuring alignment of holes.
Available in:
  • A sketch at the assembly level serves as a profile to cut through everything
  • Multiple parts are cut simultaneously

Check for interferences

Find where parts overlap early in the design process so issues can be addressed prior to manufacturing. Highlight overlapping volumes and wireframe all parts that don't overlap for fast analysis.

Assembly motion

Once constrained, drag components around in the assembly to see how they will move in the real world. Test mechanism movements, range of motion, and more.

Assembly management

A nested design structure brings order and repeatability to the design process. Create smaller building blocks and combine them together into a finished product.

Global design variables

Control dimensions and other parameters across multiple parts from a single, global design file. Cascade changes instantly across many parts as the design updates.
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