Welcome to the 2019 Beta

Preview the upcoming release and provide your feedback
By using the Alibre Design 2019 Beta, you agree to the following:
I understand that the Alibre Design 2019 Beta is not production software and is provided on an as-is basis with no warranty for any particular purpose.
I understand that, though unlikely, files created in the Alibre Design 2019 Beta may not open in the production release if there is a need to change the way files are saved during the course of the beta.
I understand that I should make backups of all critical files that I plan on modifying / saving in the Beta, and that files saved in the beta will not open in previous versions of Alibre Design.
I understand that I am provided the Alibre Design 2019 Beta for the purposes of providing feedback about my experience
I understand that I am not authorized to provide any description, feedback, files, installers, screenshots, or other communications about the Alibre Design 2019 Beta to any 3rd party, except on official Alibre channels, specifically: the Alibre Forum (www.alibreforum.com), Alibre, LLC itself, an authorized channel partner of Alibre, LLC (your reseller).
I understand that I will be provided a Beta license key that will be active for the duration of the Beta, and that will be deactivated when the Beta ends.
I agree - take me to the Beta

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