Designing a Trebuchet

Designing a Trebuchet

3D CAD software is a type of computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software that's often used in designing physical products or 3D models. The computer-aided design (CAD) process is the process by which the CAD file is being created. The CAD file refers to an image or data set that represents an object. In 3D CAD software, you can either create a CAD file as a drawing of your object in three dimensions. It is useful for architecture and manufacturing and each stage of the product-design process.

Trebuchet vs. Catapult

In traditional 2D CAD, one looks at the graphic representation of a part and tries to calculate and derive the function of it. However, in 3D CAD, the whole design space is mapped on a real three-dimensional part, and different functions are derived according to the functions of different pieces of the part. In other words, 3D CAD considers the environment around the part as the part. The designer has to be aware of the part and its geometry to derive it.

Things you can launch in a trebuchet

Take a look at the above 3D models in a few different materials and think about printing them out. Can you add a special accessory, such as legs? Have you got the creativity to turn one model into another? Using CAD, you can print out virtually anything and modify it.

Design considerations of a trebuchet

I can't wait to get my hands on 3D CAD software from BangUp. You'll hear more from BangUp about their plans for the future of desktop 3D CAD software shortly. For now, there's a lot of questions to answer. I'm most curious about how multi-processing systems like Intel's RealSense cameras are going to make it into manufacturing. One thing we do know: BangUp CAD is a perfect fit for the job. BangUp has deep roots in the industry; this product is fully a product of their work.