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Alibre HQ in Richardson, TX

Did you know?

Alibre, pronounced "uh-lee-bray", is based on the Latin root liber, meaning free in modern Italian, Spanish and French.

The name embodies our vision to liberate designers from expensive, complex software; to deliver easy to use solid modeling software and make it available to anyone seeking to innovate in 3D.

About Alibre

Alibre offers the industry's most affordable complete engineering solutions. Founded in 1997, Alibre is led by visionaries who sought to change the landscape of 3D mechanical CAD/CAM software by providing full parametric CAD technology to anyone that needs it, versus only to those in the relatively unique financial position to afford traditional CAD systems.

The CAD industry is unique in that the many products which make it up together represent one of the most significant advancements in the history of design. The technology makes the lives of everyone better by allowing safer, highly advanced, and substantially ambitious products to come into existence. The industry is not unique in the fact that over time the price for the technology has come down. Beginning with ComputerVision in the 70's, the price for the technology started at around $1,000,000. Catia in the 80's realized a $100,000 price tag. Pro/E at the end of the 80's saw a $20,000 price tag. Solidworks continues the trend in the 90's with $5000 per seat costs. And Alibre comes in to deliver the same technology starting at $199. The era of exclusivity for advanced design software is over.

Based in Richardson, Texas, USA, Alibre delivers affordable design solutions to tens of thousands of businesses and individuals in over 50 countries and in over 15 languages.