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Alibre places a high premium on data security and has incorporated the following measures in the Alibre Design service to protect user data.

  • User ID (name) and Password. User names and passwords are stored in a secure database protected by a firewall. Upon registration, each member establishes a unique user name and is assigned a randomly generated temporary password. When it is necessary to send access information to a member, the password and user name are never sent together. Members can only access data they created or which has been published to them by another member.

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is used to make all session transactions secure.

  • Encryption of Published Data. Data published by any user is encrypted during the process of uploading to the Web server.

  • Secure Server. Alibre servers are protected from intrusion by a secured firewall.

  • Redundant data. Alibre's data storage system utilizes RAID 1 handling that allows for full recovery in case of drive failure.

  • Secure Data Center. Alibre's servers are located in a secure data center managed by Worldcom. Alibre has a full redundant architecture, High Availability (HA) data center utilizing Dell servers, Cisco routers and SQL database software.

  • Site Access. Alibre's hosted facilities are highly secure, highly available carrier-class facilities with advanced security features (which may include biometric palm readers, video monitoring and card key access) and fault-tolerant power systems (multiple power grids, facilities-based ACDC battery back-up, diesel generators). Only authorized personnel are permitted to access the locked cabinets that house Alibre servers.