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Alibre Design Newsletter - January 2011

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100 MPG Racecar Designed in Alibre Design Showcased at NAIAS


WIKISPEED's SGT01 is turning heads at the world's largest auto show, the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Located right between Ford and Chevrolet, WIKISPEED is showing off its Automotive XPrize entrant - one more step in the direction of founder Joe Justice's dream to produce a 100 MPG street legal consumer car for under $20,000. The car is modular in design, allowing the entire engine system to be changed in about the time it takes to change a tire.

Check out the car and the story at here.


Top 5 Recent Alibre Powered Models


Every now and again we like to comb the latest editions to and pick out the most interesting designs we come across. Here are the top five latest projects we deemed worthy of this honor:

Wikispeed Car Body Design Snowmobile V42
Wikispeed Car Body Design Snowmobile V42
Grape Destemmers Scale Model Steam Locomotive
Grape Destemmers Scale Model Steam Locomotive
Ascending Venturi Scrubber  
Ascending Venturi Scrubber  
Alibre Powered

Tech Tip: Lofting Options Explained


Lofting sketches can quickly and easily generate non-prismatic parts. When values are entered for a combination of the three Cross Sections options it can give you radically different parts. These options give you more control over how your part looks.

Read the rest of the Tech Tip

Cross Section Options for Lofts

Tech Tip: Speed up Detailing 2D Drawings with In Place Editing


Putting the finishing touches on a 2D drawing are faster and easier with the In Place Editing Controls. When an item is selected the popup pallet will only show the appropriate Controls and allows the user easier access to the editing commands. .

Read the rest of the Tech Tip

In Place Editing Controls

Gadget Freak: Man's Best Friend


Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News.

When you want to sleep in during a cold winter morning - but the dog needs to get out of its crate - you can turn to Les Kelly's East Out Gadget. Click a controller and the dog's door opens while you get a few more zzz's.

The controller works from many floors away. Once you push the button, the door pops open and out comes pooch flying up to greet you - or run out the doggy door. The build instructions are relatively easy and this gadget requires few parts.

Read full Gadget Freak article here.

Remote Controlled Doggy Door
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