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Alibre Design: the Best Choice for 3D Mechanical CAD Software

Alibre News February 2010

CADalyst: Parametric CAD Perfects Custom Motorcycle Parts

Truly Blessed custom parts designed with Alibre

The ability to refine product concepts in real time using 3D mechanical CAD software has revolutionized the design of everything from jewelry to shoes to motorcycle parts. That's what the founders of Truly Blessed Customs discovered three years ago, when they started working on a neo-gothic air cleaner for a one-off custom bike. The unique cross shape was modeled with Alibre Design 3D CAD software, digitally prototyped by RedEye On Demand, and is now available to motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

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Tech Tip: "Working Blue" with Alibre CAM 2.0

Machining Regions in Alibre CAM

No need to keep the kids away from this month's tech tip. We're talking about machining regions in Alibre CAM ... rather than profane comedy ("working blue").

Alibre CAM 2.0 allows you to define machining regions by selecting planar faces of your 3D models. In Alibre CAM, such planar faces are referred to as "flat areas". This new feature provides a quantum leap in capability over previous versions of Alibre CAM, as well as our competitors. You're freed from creating sketches in order to assert full control over toolpath placement. This makes your work much faster, and makes working with imported models significantly easier. However, you need to be aware of the proper use of this feature, in order to avoid unexpected results.

Using Machining Regions

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And now a little extra content from our friends at

Cut bottles to make your own cups

There are lots of ways to do this particular trick. You may have seen bottles "cut" using a bucket of ice water, a string soaked in fuel and set alight, a hot narrow gauge resistive wire, or some combination of the above. I've tried all of these ways, at one point or another, with varying degrees of success, and I'm reporting here the method that gives most consistent results for me. But if you're interested in trying some other way, by all means experiment. Glass bottles are freely available just about everywhere, and you can always recycle your mistakes.


From bottle to cup

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